Wednesday, January 16, 2013
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Bag Love: Vlisco Medium Lime Shoulder Bag

Vlisco Medium Lime HandBag

If you haven’t heard of Vlisco, then you’re missing out! Vlisco was founded in 1846 and specializes in unique colourful fashion fabrics. The styles and graphics are inspired from the West and Central African culture. Their fabrics are of superb quality and have so much personality. To inspire consumers with their textiles, Vlisco launches a fashion collection filled with images of garments made by their fabrics which extends to accessories, jewellery, and more! Unfortunately, from what I gather, as beautiful as their dresses are, it is just for inspiration and not available for purchase anywhere!

Currently, “Parade of Charm” is the newest collection. I LOVE these set of prints. The theme of geometrics accented with vibrant colors is playful yet bold and sharp! I’m so glad to have stumbled upon Vlisco’s Medium Lime Shoulder Bag (on the left). I’m normally not a fan of hobo shapes, but this particular accessory has structure and originality with the contrast the plasticized motif on the grain leather! This geometric motif also lines the bag inside, really making this bag simply chic inside and out.

You can buy it here for €284.43, which is about USD$377. If anyone feels like buying me a generous birthday gift, look no further in finding the perfect gift!

Now for kicks, let’s immerse ourselves in Vlisco Fashion!



  1. Gen

    Sick Bag!!!!

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  2. Alina

    amazing prints! xx

    The Provocative Couture

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