Sunday, July 1, 2012
• 6:59 PM •

Outfit Post: 2 for 1

I thought I would quickly post up my outfits for the past 2 days, including where I got my items, to give you some summer 2012 fashion ideas.  If you want to stay thrifty, these ensembles were not too expensive to put together.  I was going to post some shots I took of the Jazz fest de Montréal, as well as some other daily snippets of my life, but honestly, who cares? As a new blogger I have a hard time talking about what I do in a day and I’d rather stay relevant to the purpose of this blog – fashion for the city girl that doesn’t settle! Here are 2 cool outfits to give you ideas for your own summer wardrobe.  I hope you like them.

Outfit 1: Bohemian with Floral





Long-sleeve cotton floral dress – H&M

Necklace – Boutique on Saint Laurent (sorry I forgot the name)

Strappy sandals – H&M

Velvet head accessory – American Apparel

Beaded Clutch – vintage

Outfit 2: Classic and Comfortable




Yes, I make my outfit posts while I’m on the go.


Charcoal grey dress – H&M
Black loose crop tank – Zara
Beaded clutch – vintage
Gunmetal chain necklace – Another random boutique on Saint Laurent for which I forgot the name
Cat eye glasses – Tom Ford


Which outfit wins? I personally preferred outfit #2 because it was a lot less hassle.  Hair accessories are cute but I have to worry about keeping them in place, and it also messes up my bangs (which I’m a little too O.C.D. about sometimes).  Anyway, hopefully you’re having a good weekend.  Until next time…

Thursday, June 28, 2012
• 7:19 PM •

Photo Vogue Feature!

Vogue photo

Our photo has been chosen to be in the Photo Vogue section of the Vogue Italia website.  No, it’s not a homepage feature, though it’s something that S.A. is so proud of!

Special thanks to Pa Gagné for doing this shoot with me. I can’t wait to see what other amazing things you come up with.

Although I have so much on my mind that I could ramble to you about, I think I should probably go outside and get some sun.  The computer has been draining me lately because of my full-time job as well as the never-ending workflow that comes with blogging.  All I can say is that I hope you appreciate our output.

Have a great weekend and HAPPY CANADA DAY (or HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY)!!!

– D