Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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Kenzo Tan Knit and Beaded Tiger Sweater

Kenzo Tan Knit and Beaded Tiger Sweater

With the ever-so-popular designer parody sweatshirts such as Féline and Homiés South Central by Brian Lichtenberg trending in the fashion community, it is apparent that more and more fashionistas are adopting the classic and cozy style of the crewneck sweatshirt. Due in part to Lichtenberg’s brand spoofs, this comfortable and practical basic is now also stylish, which makes it that much more enticing. That being said, designers around the world are creating unique versions of this essential piece by working with different materials, patterns and colors. Amongst my favourite sweatshirt styles are those shown below. I could not resist these designs as I have always been a sucker for geometric patterns, complementary colors and embellishments.

Emilio Pucci Graphic Knit Sweater

Emilio Pucci Graphic Knit Sweater

MSGM Orange and Yellow Sweet Knit sweater

MSGM Orange and Yellow Sweet Knit Sweater


Wednesday, May 29, 2013
• 8:38 PM •

Cobalt Blue Dreams






Photos for Cobalt Blue Dreams by Yannick Khong

Blue cropped workout tank by Topshop | thrifted triangle broch | thrifted fringed back vest | high-waisted pale blue jean shorts by American Apparel | black patent leather belt by American Apparel | Melina Cutout Booties by Jeffrey Campbell exclusively at Nastygal | hand-me-down beaded chain clutch

These were taken a couple of weeks back in Old Montreal. My outfit was built around this blue cropped workout tank I picked up at Topshop. I worked around this piece to create something edgy yet relaxed (the aim was to look cool and easy-going). When I create an outfit, I look for a good balance of colors and form. I look for the same thing when I am working with colors and contrast in photos (I think that this is definitely a rule of thumb when it comes to aesthetics).

In this outfit I have balanced out the blacks with accents from my shoes, belt and vest. I let the blue dominate in the center and used the tank to accentuate the blue on my broch.  In terms of form, the high waist of my jean shorts lengthen the legs and make for nice proportions. As the tank and shorts are very tight, adding a loose vest evens out the form and bring balance back into the outfit.

Thanks for checking out this post! Hope you are inspired by this outfit and put my simple tips to use! Next on the agenda are photos from my amazing trip to Florida. Stay tuned.


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