Monday, May 14, 2012
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Dot & Lil Open House!

Dot & Lil Open House!

When it comes to certain things, I can be pretty set in my ways and wary of change. If you’d entered my bathroom 10 years ago and again today you’d notice that my assortment of bath and skin care products have remained the exact same. These would consist mostly of your standard pharmaceutical brands such as my Lever 2000 soap (i’m immune to its smell at this point), and multiple Vaseline body lotions. When I find a beauty product that does the job, I tend to stick with it… forever. If you’re looking for loyalty, i’m your gal!  Despite this hard-headedness, when Dorothy and I heard that Dot & Lil, a Montreal based bath product company, was hosting an open house tea party for mother’s day weekend we thought we should stop by and check things out.

I should probably mention that Dorothy and I are notorious for arriving un-fashionably late for events. Not noticing until the very last minute that our camera battery was dead, we were forced to let it charge for a couple of hours before heading out. This resulted in us getting to the Dot & Lil studio at 6:55p.m. The open house was set to end at 7. Oops! Good thing Dot & Lil founder Anne was happy to receive us and show us her amazing selection of natural handmade bath products.

Besides ridiculously cute packaging and a variety of great smelling soaps, perfume oils and lip balms, Dot & Lil’s appeal lies on its straighforward simplicity. The company prides itself on product transparency, letting customers know exactly what they are using on their bodies.

If you asked me what ingredients are used in my Lever 2000 soap, I couldn’t answer you. Truth be told I never had any inclination to find out until now. Seeing and smelling the Dot & Lil soaps had me wondering why in the world I would settle for anything but the best bath and body products for myself. I don’t think i’m about to ‘go natural’ in all aspects of my life any time soon, but when it comes to what we put in and on our bodies we should do our best to aim for top quality.

 Besides the merchandise, we were treated to some delicious drinks, cupcakes and sandwiches! Among my favorite discoveries of the evening- ginger beer! I normally hate beer. I think it tastes bitter and smells terrible. Ginger beer, however, I can get with.

By the end of the night i’d purchased two soap bars, a lip balm, and received a loot bag of free samples that I can’t wait to try out!

…Being late also had its perks…Dorothy and I took full and unabashed advantage of the photobooth. Cheers!


  1. Dot and Lil

    Thanks for the post ladies, and for dropping by! The tea party went so well that we’ll definitely be doing it again! Make sure to let me know how you like your Dot & Lil goodies once you start using them.


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    • Dorothy

      You’re very welcome! We had lots of fun. We’ll definitely be letting you know 🙂

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