Wednesday, February 8, 2012
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Meet Kim

Meet Kim

While I would like to say that my love of fashion began the minute I exited the womb, and that as a toddler I refused to play with anyone who did not posses an acute ability to brilliantly interplay fabric textures, I cannot make that assertion because I would be lying. Truth be told, when it comes to the vast and crazy world of fashion I am a novice. I cannot spot a fake burberry tote from a mile away (some knockoffs are reallygood) and I have yet to master the art of walking in shoes over 2 inches high. Despite these amateurish shortcomings, the fact of the matter is, I love clothes. I can spend hours browsing fashion sites or perusing an old Harper’s Bazaar issue for the hundredth time admiring the versatility, creativity and art that is fashion design. I’ll consider it a fantastic day if I can unearth a quality piece from the sale rack or from a pile of ‘stuff’, and I assume winning the lottery must feel something like restoring life to an old and over-worn garment by simply pairing it with the unthinkable (though winning the lottery would be much better, I won’t pretend otherwise).

Fashion Type: In short, my style is comfortable and minimalist, I prefer skirts to pants, and I think more men should wear scarves.

Things I like:



Birds on a dress? I am sold.

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