Sunday, February 19, 2012
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Classy, NOT Trashy.

Classy, NOT Trashy.

“A girl should be two things – Classy and fabulous.”

– Coco Chanel

If attention is what you seek, wearing a skimpy outfit will no doubt get you noticed. A few heads will turn, perhaps some whistling will be thrown your way, and you might even get a free drink from the (creepy) guy eyeing you across the bar. Despite this, dressing in a red and black lace-up corset, light denim booty shorts that are two sizes too small, and a pair of 10 inch red stilettos you can barely walk in will never be sexier than wearing something classy that accentuates your best features without necessarily exposing them.

There appears to be a misunderstanding among some women as to what exactly constitutes sex appeal. All too often many will dismiss the idea of a so called ‘conservative’ outfit for something shorter, tighter and flashier under the impression that these characteristics are synonymous with sexy. That could not be more wrong. Opting for a classy look will always be sexier than looking like you desperately want to be featured in the next Girls Gone Wild video.

For sources of inspiration, let us take a look at a few women who have managed to combine style, class and sex appeal, and can still show up to Sunday service.

Exhibit A: Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren in a red jersey crewneck dress

Actress and beauty icon Sophia Loren depicts that perfect balance of class and sex appeal in this form fitting red dress. Who would have guessed a crew neck and short sleeves could be so classy?

Exhibit B: Diane Von Furstenberg

Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg’s infamous wrap dress bestowed instantaneous elegance and beauty on all women adorned with the flawless design. Paired with the right shoes and accessories there is nothing muffled about this look.

Exhibit C: Recent Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice has certainly gone through her fair share of skimpy outfits in the past, however, it would appear that the former pop star has come to her senses. Just take a look at Trashy Victoria vs Classy Victoria and be the judge of the better outfit.

…need I say more?

Exhibit D: Blake Lively

Named one of British Vogue’s Best Dressed of 2011, Blake Lively did not earn this title by looking like an extra in a Lil’ Wayne music video. Wearing a Missoni Fall 2011 dress on the The Tonight Show, Lively looks fun and flirty.

Leaving your house in an outfit that makes your parents wonder where they went wrong is a deplorable disservice to your fashion sense. Instead of looking sexy, your outfit will have a greater chance of seeming tacky and ill-fitting. Furthermore, it might give people an impression of you that is far from the truth. Rather than experimenting with how little fabric you can wear before being arrested for indecent exposure, try exploring how to work with cut, colour, and texture to create a unique style that flatters your figure without compromising your integrity.

All in all, If you are going for a sexy look, ditch the trash and keep the class. You will be doing yourself (and everyone with the gift of sight) a favor.

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