Monday, October 14, 2013
• 3:24 PM •

Fashion Thoughts

What to blog about today? I haven’t done an outfit shoot and I’m too swamped with work to do research for a decent article. How about some random fashion thoughts?

1. I will always love skinnies. I hate excess material at my ankles. I cringe at the thought of salt-stained hems in the winter time.

2. I wish people in fashion were less sheep-like. Kate Moss! Karlie Kloss! Here comes Queen Delavigne! Give it a rest and maybe that way we can all equally take part in what it is we love, and that’s celebrating beautiful clothes, not beautiful famous people.

3. Pastels in the fall? It can be pulled off if you’ve got the right bag and shoes, but for a non-tacky pastel-coloured bag I would imagine you’d have to go designer.

4. In order to control ourselves while shopping in NYC, my friends and I made up one golden rule: If it ain’t “stop and stare,” don’t buy it. When you’re a fashionista, semi-statement items just have no place in the wardrobe.

5. The new McQueen collection is just wow.

6. When you’re about to dish out 100 bucks on Philip Lim for target just because there was so much hype around it, it’s time to think about opportunity cost. Take that money and contribute it to something like this, this or maybe even this.


  1. Noemi

    I love skinny, too. I don’t dislike flares but I like to wear them only once in while, and most of all they need the right shoes. I don’t understand all the fuss about Cara Delevingne, really (but I like Kate Moss, I can’t help).
    STFU to everyone who says “real women are curvy”. Real women are feminine.

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  2. Daura

    You’re right about wearing the right shoes with flares, but I’m just so used to skinnies that I feel weird in flares.

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