Friday, July 12, 2013
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It’s no wonder that this him and her Canadian fashion blog has skyrocketed in popularity ever since its debut 8 months ago. They look great together. The owners of Our Mode Katherine and Cj of Ottawa visited Montreal last week to do some shopping (Can you believe that they don’t have an H&M in their city? Weird…).  I met up with this cute couple downtown and got a chance to take some street style shots of them.

katherine of our mode

katherine of our mode

white leather cuff

chain bracelet

gold hardware sandals

Miss Katherine loves to accessorize and knows color coordination! She’s got hints of gold hardware all over and a bag to match her shoes. I love how the white parts of her outfit call attention to her white leather cuff.  I also couldn’t help but notice her perfect eyelashes, eyebrows and neatly parted hair. This girl knows maintenance!

Cj of our mode

Cj of our mode

Cj of our mode

Cj of our mode


Cj is a classic yet laid-back boy. He picked up this hat at FCUK to add a little pizazz to his look right before the shoot. I’m jealous of how cool he can look in such a comfortable outfit. His preppy hat and striped button-up shirt are toned down by distressed cut-off jeans and converse. Nice job.

It was cool to have met the creators of Our Mode. If you’re a fashion blogger and happen to be visiting Montreal, give me a shout at if you would like to get featured on Snob Affair!

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  1. Izael Garrido

    I love when bloggers work together, it’s so cool
    I don’t have a H&M in my city too hahahaa it’s a shame cause sometimes I see things that I want to buy but I can’t do it
    Actually there’s only a H&M in the whole country hahah
    Izael G

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