Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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Kenzo Tan Knit and Beaded Tiger Sweater

Kenzo Tan Knit and Beaded Tiger Sweater

With the ever-so-popular designer parody sweatshirts such as Féline and Homiés South Central by Brian Lichtenberg trending in the fashion community, it is apparent that more and more fashionistas are adopting the classic and cozy style of the crewneck sweatshirt. Due in part to Lichtenberg’s brand spoofs, this comfortable and practical basic is now also stylish, which makes it that much more enticing. That being said, designers around the world are creating unique versions of this essential piece by working with different materials, patterns and colors. Amongst my favourite sweatshirt styles are those shown below. I could not resist these designs as I have always been a sucker for geometric patterns, complementary colors and embellishments.

Emilio Pucci Graphic Knit Sweater

Emilio Pucci Graphic Knit Sweater

MSGM Orange and Yellow Sweet Knit sweater

MSGM Orange and Yellow Sweet Knit Sweater

Graphic Sweatshirts by Aloha from Deer

As a lover of all types of photography, I have always wanted to place some of my favourite shots on clothing. To my misfortune, I discovered that it’s quite pricey to place a print on a sweater unless ordering in bulk. The more colors you add to your print, the more expensive it gets. Luckily the folks from Aloha from Deer have perfected this art, having the images seamlessly transition from the torso area of the sweater onto the sleeves. Amongst my favourite designs by Aloha from Deer are Flight 8, Wealdy and Fly High, shown in order below. I can’t decide which one to buy!



fly high

In efforts to not splurge, I’ve set myself a limit of only one of these beautiful sweaters, so I better choose wisely. If you happen to know of any other fashion labels that offer beautiful photography or graphics on crewneck sweatshirts, please send the link my way! In the meantime, I’ll sport my classic knit.



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