Tuesday, May 7, 2013
• 2:16 AM •

Summer 2013 Photo Diary

album cover title

business cards

espresso machine

latte art



plume iced coffee
plume sandwiches



iron ring


outfit 5


yannick and I


nail products



girls with bikes


Summer in Montreal 2013 photo diary album cover | business cards for ze blog | our Pavoni espresso machine and grinder | My not so perfect latte heart | Plume cafe | ham and cheese sandwich | iced filtered coffee | street corner in the plateau | La Canadienne Shoes | I got my iron ring | street corner in Mile End Montreal | band tee with asymmetrical skirt and cut-out booties by Jeffrey Campbell | tribal summer dress | Yannick and I | Melissa and I in polaroid | got ma nails did | Katherine at Saint-Sulpice bar| Melissa in the sun | A couple of girls I stalked at the park | Alexi and I at tam tams

Summer has just begun, so it’s time for the SA team to stop being so low-key! This is part one of my summer 2013 photo diary series. All photos are taken right here in Montreal, but I’ll be hitting the beach in Florida soon for the NASA Lunabotics competition which will be a nice change of scenery for both myself and my camera.  As I much prefer posting outfits to inspire and fashion photography rather than personal photos, part two of this series will hopefully feature more fashion by me, and less of my daily life.

If you enjoy what you see, I would love to know! Drop me a line at dorothy@snobaffair.com or leave a comment below. Have a great week!


P.S. Have you voted to send me to Italy in the Twin-Set Canada bloggers contest? If you haven’t gotten a chance, please do so! I’m currently in second place. If I win, I will be an official ambassador for Twin-Set Canada and will be attending their fashion show in Milan.


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  1. Aimee

    Lovely photo diary!! 🙂 That espresso machine looks so cool. Very excited about a fun and busy summer too.
    xoxo Aimee

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    • Daura

      Thanks! Your comment is much appreciated Aimee. That espresso machine is indeed cool, it’s the least expensive machine for the quality of coffee it can churn out, but so difficult to use. Awesome blog you got there, I didn’t know you wrote for IFB as well!

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  2. universeandyou

    Cool photos, looks like you had an amazing time there !!
    I love that photo that you’re laughing with your friend on your shoulder !
    And the polaroid photos as well. Which camera did you use ?


    xoxo from Japan

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    • Daura

      Hey, thanks for the compliment! The photo with my friend on my shoulder was taken with his Nikon D600, the others were taken with the Olympus E-PM1 (With Panasonic Leica f1.4 25mm) and the real polaroid photos were taken with an actual polaroid! 🙂

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