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The Best of Zara Spring 2013

Yesterday, I sifted through the Zara Canada online store and chose some of their best pieces for spring 2013! It has only been a couple of weeks since the launch of Zara’s new Canadian online store, and you can bet that fashionistas across the country have been taking full advantage of this. I myself have been frequently browsing their new arrivals. Although many like to feel and try on their clothes before purchasing, I prefer to take the time to carefully select my items in the comfort of my own home, make my purchase without pressure, and head to the store to return anything that does not fit or is not flattering.

As it can be overwhelming to sort through the numerous items offered at Zara, this post is intended to suggest to you a few of their statement pieces that caught my eye. Keep in mind that this list is generated from my personal tastes and that I am not affiliated with the company. As I love statement pieces, I try my best to choose the most eye-catching items, as well as offer some advice as I explain why I selected each item. I hope this helps some of you!

Jacquard Pattern Top $69.90


This sweater speaks for itself! I absolutely love patterns, and this intricately detailed pattern reminds me of the colors used on Turkish rugs. It gives off a high-class vibe, yet the sweatshirt cut keeps things laid back and cool. It is definitely at the top of my must-have list.

Two-toned Denim Shirt $69.90


Blocking two tones gives a structured and polished look to an otherwise relaxed shirt. In the past year we’ve been seeing a lot of jean shirts or chambrays, as it has become a key item in the wardrobes of many. The slight twist offered by this two toned button-up is definitely enough to catch my attention.  I think this shirt would really complement my Hip and Bone leather snapback.

Studio Striped Top $79.90


Sporty-chic is totally in! I love the studio-striped top because is super elegant and does not compromise comfort. ‘Nuff said.

Plush T-shirt $59.90


Heavy solid lines add some serious contrast to an outfit, which help you stand out in a crowd. I love clean lines. This shirt is easily worn with any coloured pant or leggings on an off-day! If you are one to have little energy for fashion creativity on most mornings, investing in easy-to-wear shirts like this increase your likelihood of making a statement, even when you don’t want to put in the effort.

Combination Striped Top $59.90


Yes, I am suggesting yet another black and white top. Much like the studio striped top, the combination striped top is very elegant. However, the added structure takes properness to a whole new level. This short sleeve shirt transitions very well from casual wear, to work, to party. The combination striped top definitely wins most of its points for its diversity.

Crossover Blouse $59.90


I’ve kept this shirt on my wish list for the sake of this post, but after much though I realize that it would not be too flattering on my petite figure. There are many crossover styles offered at Zara this season, but this particular model in this flowy plaid fabric is my favourite. It’s like a sexy kimono, except that it can be worn in public. It would also be so much fun to wear on a windy day. 🙂

Wrapped Mini Skort $49.90


Really? A skort? I haven’t encountered skorts since I was about ten years old (aside from my tennis skorts), and on that basis alone this item makes my list. The security of a short allows you to show a little more thigh without revealing too much. The only possible downside I see here is that it resembles a napkin at a classy restaurant.

Jacquard Sarong Skirt $49.90


I appreciate that the stiff material of this skirt is compensated by the relaxed fit of its cut. Sitting down is a breeze in this statement skirt. As I’ve said, I love prints and patterns!

Embroidered Shorts with Beading – $99.90


At this price, I will probably not be purchasing these embroidered shorts. They are very pretty, though, and I can only imagine the styling potential of these! If you do happen to purchase these, I would love to see a photo of you in them.

Basic Cowboy Ankle Boot $99.90


An alternative to flats this spring/summer season is the classic suede cowboy ankle boot. As the weather warms up, we typically pull out our ballerina flats or sandals to be worn with our skinny jeans, skirts and dresses.  This ankle boot can be perfectly paired with relaxed skirts and dresses to achieve that laid back look that we Montrealers love so much.

As Zara evolves as a company, its products are returning to a higher price range. The benefit of this is better quality and a better attention to design. That being said, we customers must be more selective when it comes to our purchases, hence this wish list. My above suggestions are based on a couple of personal needs and preferences, that being comfort and originality.

I would love to see what you have recently purchased for the spring season! Tweet @snobaffair any photos you may have. 🙂

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  1. Ainjelstyle

    thanx for watching my best of zara post! love the striped studio top! wanted! xx, ainjel

    check out my best of zara, part one and part two! – switzerland’s finest fashion and lifestyle blog
    daily news!!!

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  2. Adam

    Great post – nice stuff! Can you get Zara online delivery where you guys are based? If so, checkout my post on ‘5 heels to buy from Zara’ –

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    • Daura

      Yeah we can get online delivery! We’re based in Montreal so we have a few locations, but as I’ve said it can be overwhelming to look through what’s available in store. I usually love their shoes because they’re very on trend, but I’m not sure if I trust the quality! I’ll have to see some reviews…

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  3. Adam

    Hey Daura, the quality is really good. I know plenty of ladies who regularly buy heels from Zara – great price and pretty durable/long lasting. Take the plunge!

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    • Daura

      That’s good to know, thanks Adam!

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