Tuesday, January 8, 2013
• 12:55 AM •

Self-Portrait: My Style

As one of my goals for this holiday season was to improve my photo retouching skills, I decided to create a self-portrait in order to simultaneously showcase my style! This is an outfit that I might be found wearing on a regular day.  My style is feminine, sharp and often contains complementary colors.

My Style

top: Suzy Shier
skirt: H&M
black tights: Jacob

We all tend to gravitate towards a specific style, but this can be a bad habit as it results in a boring wardrobe and takes the fun out of getting dressed! In the new year, I am aiming for a more edgy vibe in my dress – I would like to see more patterns, shimmer and embellishments in my wardrobe.

I wish you all a fulfilling and stylish new year!



  1. Pam Huang

    I absolutely love this look! It’s cool that your items are from stores that are relatively inexpensive.

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  2. Daura

    Thanks Pam! Yes, with my need to switch up what I’m wearing often, I can’t afford to be buying designer all the time! I still do splurge on a good bag or pair of shoes once in awhile 😉

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  3. CJ and Katherine

    This is great outfit; you look lovely! Very classy and elegant 🙂


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    • Daura

      Thanks so much for the compliment! 😀

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