Friday, December 28, 2012
• 4:20 PM •

A Shoutout to Our Readers

Fashion is my passion, but I am school’s bitch.

I’ve been completely out of the loop with blogging, not to mention the entire fashion industry as a whole. Exams are over and I can finally breathe again. That being said, I’d like to take this chance to thank our returning visitors, despite the infrequent posting (not to mention our sluggish site loading!). Due to some healthy holiday spirit and an extremely inspirational business blog, I’ve taken a liking to writing for SA once again.

I’m working towards turning this website into a community. It’s time to be generous with the work I put out. As I have earned the opportunity to speak to a wide audience, I have gained a responsibility to not waste anyone’s time, including my own. This blog is a huge learning process for me, which is the main reason why it is rewarding. I would like you all to experience a learning process of your own. I’ll be doing research on what you want to know, what may inspire you and do my best to output only the best.

Best wishes and a great new year to all!


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