Thursday, August 30, 2012
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Katherine pose 2



I had a blast styling and shooting my friend Katherine.  We’ve been great friends ever since we met in advanced calculus during our 2nd year of university (I’ve never had more fun applying Stokes’ Theorum!). This allowed us to be really comfortable around each other for the shoot – she was at ease when posing, and I didn’t feel any pressures to perform with my camera, as I’m still learning a lot about photography. The joys I got from this fashion shoot reminded me of why I work so hard on this blog – because it’s fun.

Since this is my first serious shoot, the goal was to simply display my style in a natural and pretty light, and not to aim too high just yet.  Katherine thrifted this top at Value Village this summer for something like five bucks.  It’s actually a collared shoulder padded button-up, and was probably around in the 1940’s.  It was a great find, though I don’t believe it’s that wearable.  I haven’t told many people, but I have this thing I’ve been doing for a few years now, and it never seems to fail me.  I wear things backwards if they don’t look good the right way. I love what this quirky method of mine gave here.  Worn backwards and with cuffed sleeves, an old top was transformed into something much more modern, yet its classiness is preserved.  That is the essence of the style that I tend to strive for in my own dress – modern and classy.  It was really funny that Katherine’s entire outfit apart from her shoes is worn backwards, right down to the ring! In fashion, people always aim for the unexpected, and I think this was a way of achieving just that.

I will definitely be doing more shoots of my own once Montreal fashion week and all of its hype comes to a close.  I’m excited to start getting more creative with the styling as well as the post processing.  The question now is who, what, where and when!

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  1. Karine

    Wow, this girl is absolutely STUNNING 😀

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  2. B

    I LOVE Katherine’s outfit, and I am totally copying it.

    Admitting this without shame. hehe x

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    • Daura

      LOL I’m actually SO glad to hear that B! I’m happy that my styling has inspired someone. My next mini DIY is to take a blouse I got at a thrift store, remove the buttons and sew it together, then wear it backwards like Katherine is doing here. You’ll be sure to see photos if it turns out right!

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