Thursday, July 26, 2012
• 7:06 PM •

Kristen Stewart Cheated on Robert Pattinson but I’m all on this Photoshoot

Okay, so I open up this extremely sarcastic article today after work  about how Twilight actress Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with some director of some movie who is twice her age.  This was the featured image of the article.  First off, I didn’t even know these two were dating.  Secondly, I LOVE HER OUTFIT HERE.  I want her skirt and shoes.  Though it’s a shame that it wouldn’t look half as good in real life as it does in this photo.  That is all.

(Aren’t I a pool of information when it comes to celebrity gossip? TMZ should hire me!)

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  1. Nathalie

    LOLL! I have to admit that when I heard the news I was totally into it 😛

    You’re right though, their outfits are really nice 🙂

    Nat <3

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