Thursday, May 31, 2012
• 2:58 AM •

Uniiverse Clothing Swap

Need a tennis partner but don’t know anyone who plays tennis? Have some equipment you would like to rent out? Want to give private yoga lessons? This is what Montreal-founded community sharing website is all about! I like to call it Craiglist beta (if we want to get snobby about things 😉 ).

event pic

A clothing swap was hosted by Uniiverse last week in order to display the usefulness of sharing within our own communities.


I wish I could have attended – it would have been really beneficial for me! My main dilemma when it comes to clothes is that my style is constantly changing due to many influences all around me.  Believe it or not, I used to be one to wear skater shoes and hoodies everyday.  I know that those cozy hoodies could be keeping someone else warm instead of sitting in my closet! I also want something that is fresh and new to me, so certain items eventually lose their magic!




Uniiverse is gaining in popularity due to its driven and intelligent team of young entrepreneurs, who are always hard at work. I really look up to these people because I myself know how it is to work at something with passion and live to see it grow when work is put into it.  Online businesses intrigue me and I plan to get more involved with it.  I was impressed to see that Uniiverse’s co-founder Craig Follet was featured on!   Another co-founder and CEO of Uniiverse by the name of Ben Raffi is a graduate of McGill University, which is where I am currently finishing up my engineering degree.  These people make it that much more motivating to push forward!



A shoutout to Stéphanie and Matthieu – thanks for these awesome snapshots! I look forward to Uniiverse’s future events.

For more information on last week’s clothing swap or for future events, check out Uniiverse’s blog.  If you’d like to benefit from Uniiverse’s services, visit and sign up!

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