Friday, May 18, 2012
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Outfit Post: Office Wear and Something to Consider

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What I’m wearing: Top by Jones New York (thrifted), American Apparel pencil skirt, Mary Jane patent leather cap toe heels by Franco Sarto

Here’s what I wore to the office on Thursday.  I think that although many work places are pretty lenient with their office attire, it’s always more motivating to be wearing something sharp instead of jeans and a polo (casual clothes make me sluggish).

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Since this is a personal post, I’d like to add that I don’t work for Vogue, or any sort of fashion-related company for that matter.  I proudly work for an engineering firm whose specialty is aircraft simulators.  I am one of few women in my age range, but that does not mean that I will be any less me at work – I am an engineer and a fashion enthusiast at the same time!

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When I was studying in CEGEP (grade 12 for people outside of the province of Québec), everyone around me was recognized as a student, coming from different backgrounds.  Everyone had different interests, be it sports, music, astronomy, you name it.  Once we all specialized in University, it was as if we were all expected to become less diverse people.  All of a sudden, an arts student was just an arts student, a med student was just a med student, and I was just that – an engineering student.  It doesn’t seem to be the priorities of people to really get to know others if they can quickly scan a profile and build up a stereotype based on that person’s career path.

We are complicated beings.  Not only should we take this into consideration when meeting new people, but we should remember not to assume the stereotypes of our own careers, for fear of being different.  As I don’t need to be a car fanatic to be in engineering, an Arts major doesn’t need to be a hippie and a Business student doesn’t need to be conniving.  Keep this in mind, and have an awesome weekend!

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