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Let Us Play Pretend with Dreamy Living Spaces

Let Us Play Pretend with Dreamy Living Spaces

I like day dreaming.  Do you like day dreaming? Let’s play a series of pretend games – different life scenarios in which we would be found living in these amazing settings, wearing the most amazing clothes and eating the most amazing food.  When life is dull, becoming delusional is always an option.

Scenario 1: You’re on a business trip in Hong Kong.  You go there often and have good rapport with many people there.  You decide that you go there SO often that you’re going to have to buy yourself a pad.  Not just any pad – a sick wooden apartment that can accommodate a few colleagues as well as provide you with ample work space, a cozy entertainment area and a sleek-looking kitchen.

Wooden apartment hong kong

Not that you’ll ever be cooking in your kitchen – you’re too busy eating yummy food at restaurants.

Wooden apartment hong kong_Kitchen

Scenario 2: You’re a hard worker.  You deserve a break! It’s your time off, so to get away from the hectic atmosphere of the city, you head over to your home in the countryside.  Waking up in the morning has never been easier – the sun invites you to go for a swim and play some tennis.Roche Bobois bedroom

Scenario 3: You’ve got a damn nice bachelor pad in the city (I mean, that’s expected of someone who’s in their twenties or thirties, right?).



Your friend calls you up and wants to go have sushi. What are you going to wear? It’s a good thing you have a cozy couch in front of your immense wardrobe, because it’s going to take awhile for you to decide (Hmmm…classy with DVF or edgy with Balmain?)

Scenario 4: You’re still living with your parents.  They’ve gone out of town for a week and you decided to turn your backyard into the cutest mini cinema you’ve ever seen.  Your only worry is that the bugs will creep up on you during the movie.

Outdoor Movie

It’s time for bed! Let’s dump all those useless decorative pillows on your unrealistically clean floor!Cute Brick wall bedroom

Scenario 5: You live in Montreal.  It’s freezing and the winds are so harsh.  Look on the bright side.  It’s time to go to the ski resort with a few of your closest friends! When you’re not on the hills, you’re cozying up with some hot chocolate or indulging in a warm and extremely cheesy poutineSki Resort

It was fun playing pretend with you.  See you next time!

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