Saturday, April 7, 2012
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Item Spotlight: Tom Ford Cat Eye Frames (FT5189)

Item Spotlight: Tom Ford Cat Eye Frames (FT5189)

Tom Ford_Glasses Case
When you buy something designer, which shouldn’t happen very often if you’re a normal girl like me, you receive the item in a surprisingly cute package.  You’re not used to such treatment – It comes in a box, in another box in a paper bag.  A little shiny card in the case thanks you for purchasing this genuine item.  But does all this packaging add to the value of the item itself? Helllll ya.  If fashion isn’t about the packaging, then i don’t know what is.Tom Ford_Cateye Frames_FT5189
Tom Ford_Cateye_2Tom Ford_Cateye Frames_Closeup
Tom Ford_Cateye_3
I’m sitting there in my apartment wearing spectacles (pretentious, much?), completely content with my new purchase, and then this commercial by L’Oreal Paris featuring supermodel Doutzen Kroes comes on.  She owns it in those Tom Ford’s Nikita frames!

I should have seriously tried those on…oh well.

Tom Ford_Glasses Case2

Tom Ford_Cateye Frames
Refraction is cool.
Tom Ford_Cateye_1
Final exams are soon and it’s about time I get to studying! Thanks for taking an interest in my unnecessary expenditures.

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  1. Robyn

    Love them – they suit you impeccably! 😉

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    • Dorothy

      Merci beaucoup Robyn 😉

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  2. samantha

    hey do you by any chance know the measurements of your glasses. i have been to nervous to purchase mine online because i am not sure what the measurement would be for my face . (i have a big face)


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    • Daura

      Hey Samantha,

      Very sorry for the late reply! I’m taking measurements now:

      The middle of the frame (where it rests on the bridge of your nose is 2.75 inches to the point, making the entire width of the frame 5.5 inches wide. The thickest part of the lens is 1.6 inches.

      If you have a big face, you should consider the Nikitas that are shown in the commercial linked above. They’re a lot larger, however they are also more dramatic cat eyes and you must keep this fact in mind.

      Good luck finding your perfect pair!


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  3. laura

    I stumbled on your page on my search for images of these glasses.
    And I usually dont take the time to comment or anything like that,
    But I have to say these glasses fit you to a T! They are made for you.
    Congrats on your perfect find:)

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    • Daura

      That’s one of the nicest comments I’ve ever received. Thanks so much Laura, it really made my day! If you’re looking for cat eye frames of your own, I hope you find a pair that suit you as well!


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