Monday, April 16, 2012
• 11:40 PM •

8 Fashion Memes for the Snob in You

Despite our strong love/obsession for this industry,  we recognize how ridiculous things can get.  I present you with my all-time favourite memes that poke fun at haute couture, unknowledgable fashionistas and bloggers like ourselves.



Travels back in time

…but what sort of wizardry is this?!


I think she’s a little freaked out about it.  Who knew that the “long hair turned into a bob” trend could go so wrong?! Sad smile


I don’t know what makes me LOL more – this meme or that “Chanel” bag! Am I a snob to say that it is repulsive?


His “totem” is his pair of Salvation Army shades – if they manage to block UV rays then he is dreaming.

Check this SNL sketch out for more V-neck-based humor.

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