Monday, October 14, 2013
• 3:24 PM •

Fashion Thoughts

What to blog about today? I haven’t done an outfit shoot and I’m too swamped with work to do research for a decent article. How about some random fashion thoughts?

1. I will always love skinnies. I hate excess material at my ankles. I cringe at the thought of salt-stained hems in the winter time.

2. I wish people in fashion were less sheep-like. Kate Moss! Karlie Kloss! Here comes Queen Delavigne! Give it a rest and maybe that way we can all equally take part in what it is we love, and that’s celebrating beautiful clothes, not beautiful famous people.

3. Pastels in the fall? It can be pulled off if you’ve got the right bag and shoes, but for a non-tacky pastel-coloured bag I would imagine you’d have to go designer.

4. In order to control ourselves while shopping in NYC, my friends and I made up one golden rule: If it ain’t “stop and stare,” don’t buy it. When you’re a fashionista, semi-statement items just have no place in the wardrobe.

5. The new McQueen collection is just wow.

6. When you’re about to dish out 100 bucks on Philip Lim for target just because there was so much hype around it, it’s time to think about opportunity cost. Take that money and contribute it to something like this, this or maybe even this.

Thursday, September 13, 2012
• 2:57 AM •

10 Facts About Being A Fashion Blogger At Montreal Fashion Week

Dorothy and I were really excited to attend Montreal Fashion Week as official media. It was definitely a stressful week! So much planning and having posts ready by the end of the night and planning what to wear for fashion week and interviews with designers; the list goes on! By Day 4, we were pooped!

It was great that our event photographer Dru, Daura, and I were a threesome so we had each other to keep us company. But it’s so nerve-wracking because everyone wants to impress and we are no exception. Putting yourself out there and being the first to initiate contact includes being vulnerable and susceptible to rejection. No one really wants to be the first to approach, but everyone is happy to be approached. It’s a rough cycle!

As bloggers, I think we should help each other and support each other in some ways! It kind of sounds ridiculous because at the same time everyone’s in competition with each other, but think of how lonely it would be to just keep to yourself! When you’re a fashion blogger, or any kind of blogger for that matter, it can go from a fun hobby to a business, fast! When that happens, it’s hard to stop wearing your business hat by seeing every person you meet as “contact,”  rather than just another potential friend. I think I’ll stick to “friending people,” even in cases when this may not be a mutual agreement. Call me naive, but I believe that if you initially treat a someone like a friend, you have the potential to grow your relationship with that person. Treat them like a contact, and that’s just what they’ll be.


It’s needless to say that being a blogger at Montreal Fashion Week is quite the experience. We’ve learned many things, including how to deal with certain situations. We’ve thus compiled a list of things that perhaps any other blogger attendees can relate to. These observations are not sugar coated –  we just call it as we see it!

1. Checking everyone’s outfit out (and giving it your personal stamp of approval or just ..judging!)

Lovely and stylish ladies of The Warehouse Magazine

2. People are either wearing black and playing it safe or going all out with ridiculous (albeit still cool!) outfits. You wonder if people are just trying too hard.

3. Bloggers spot other bloggers that they recognize from online but are too shy to approach them.
We managed to suck it up and met top bloggers Patrick from Je Suis…L’Aristocrate and Anik from Montreal In Style.

4. You spot a hot guy every which way and wonder if he’s straight.

5. The media room is like heaven, especially when you have an awesome guy named Tito giving out free cappuccinos.


6. There’s like…NO food. Free alcohol – totally. Food? Not so much. Fashion diet anyone?!
We were starving the whole way through.

7. Some bloggers may look like they are tweeting during a 15-minute runway show but are just texting their friends.

8. Everyone talks about everyone’s seating arrangements and what this says about their success as a blogger in the (Montreal) fashion industry.

9. Blogger cliques travel in a packs. There are few lone wolves!
Bloggers try to look important at all times when alone. They look composed when sitting alone between shows and playing with their phone, not really socializing with anyone.

10. But when you stay cool and put yourself out there, you can meet some great and super hilarious people!
Louis from De Laine et De Satin, Nelly from Fashionaccro and Christopher of blackguyfrommontreal, you made our experience much more awesome!

Did we miss a fact about blogging at MFW? Let us know!

Sunday, August 12, 2012
• 8:53 PM •

New Dress, New Place

This summer has been anything but relaxing – 40-hour work weeks, summer class, moving, friends and this blog have been taking up all of my time.  Luckily, I’m a city girl and I can’t stand those days when there is absolutely nothing to do!  Today I decided to share an outfit as well as some photos of my new apartment in Mile End of Montreal.  There’s still quite a bit of design work left to do on the place, but I can’t seem to commit to a certain look (ugh WHY are girls so complicated?). An outfit is no big deal – you can dress however you feel like dressing, depending on what you’re feeling that day. I’m going to have to dish out some cash on artwork that I’m willing to keep up for at least a year.  I fear that my taste will change on me, as it always does.




What I’m wearing:

  • Cream Cashmere sweater – Club Monaco
  • Patterned Tank Dress – Thrifted (for 2 bucks!)
  • Gold Chain Necklace – BCBG
  • High-waisted Teal Belt – American Apparel



Here is just a small collection of my boyfriend’s books.  He’s a total Star Wars geek but…



I’m the fashion geek.  I love reading about fashion history and learning where the influence all began.  I can’t say that I’m proud to have bought the magazines, however.  In a way, fashion magazines just make you feel…unfashionable.  I’m sure I’m not the only so-called fashionista that feels insufficient when she sees all these designer clothes at impossible prices.  It’s always about pushing the envelope and coming up with the most fresh and flattering ensembles ever.  It’s always about advertising a dream.  Interior design is even more of a dream.  I once made a blog post where I pretended I owned 5 different houses around the world, and I think I was going psycho that day.  Despite my knowledge of this, I strive on! Maybe I’ll snap out of it one day…but for now it’s too much fun.