Thursday, July 19, 2012
• 8:15 AM •

Boyfriend Shirt to Work


Here’s what I wore to the office yesterday – a laid back boyfriend shirt from Urban Outfitters, which is actually my boyfriend’s shirt.  This photo was taken in beautiful mile end of Montreal.  For some reason, everyone was staring when my boyfriend was taking this.  I’m so used to doing my posts by now that it’s really not a big deal when I see others take photos.  I guess there was not much else happening on this street…


It’s morning now over here and I should be getting ready for work because it’s getting epic late (and I’m always the last one to arrive).  I think I’ll wear more traditional office wear today…


I just want to say HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY to my sister Kelly! 🙂


Dora <3

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
• 4:03 PM •

Birthday Thoughts

I just turned 23! Booo. The first thing that came into mind was, damn I don’t want to be 24! Some thoughts ran through my head:

  • I really need to get my driver’s license. I’ve had my permit for 4 years now. Seriously, my parents are bribing me with a car so that I can get my license.
  • Half my friends have graduated with their engineering degree. I wish I had graduated so I can finally move on with the next chapter of my life. Earn some dollars, save up for my own place and try not to indulge in designer items.
  • We’re revamping Snob Affair. We are always going to be style-oriented with our blog but we’re going to have a different approach. Stay tuned!

On another note, I just bought the necklace from Banana Republic and had to show you guys! I’m an accessories-freak! So you might notice that my clothes are fairly basics with a touch of some fun detail paired with fun statement jewellery.

My outfit:

  1. White Jacquard Blazer by Zara
  2. Nude Metallic Tank Top by Simons
  3. Coral Necklace by Banana Republic
  4. Coral Stretch Bracelet by Forever21
  5. Watch MK5505 by Michael Kors

pose 1

pose 3Closeupnecklacebracelet

Sunday, July 8, 2012
• 6:02 PM •

Party Wear in the Old Port and Stuff

Here’s some party wear for you city girls on one of your more respectable nights out.  Unfortunately, other than my photos, this post has nothing to do with party wear, much less partying.

Today is just one of those Sundays. Dreading going back to a 9 to 5 schedule tomorrow, and totally vedge, but at the same time trying to accomplish everything that I set out to do this weekend and failing horribly. You know, the usual.



What’s on my mind right now?

Okay, so this might be COMPLETELY useless to you, or you might actually take what I say and reflect back on yourself. Read or don’t read.

1. I’m moving into a sick loft – uh-oh!

Do you see me going crazy on interior design ideas? Time to spend money to increase my standard of living yet again…or not.

What is very difficult for someone who loves great design/aesthetics is making the balance between falling in love with someone else’s work, and using it as inspiration. When you are inclined to buy an entire set from a catalogue, that’s when you know that you’re heading in the wrong direction. Not only do you break the bank doing this, but your lack of creativity will show through.

I will opt to use fabric to make curtains, polish some planks of wood and make my own brackets for shelves and spray paint some new color onto my decor. This will be a fun and inexpensive project. I’ve got tons of ideas and my place will be BALLER.

2. We’re having an identity crisis about this blog

I now can imagine how many start-up businesses ponder over and over again about whether or not they are making the right decisions. I’m also beginning to understand how hard it must be to find the right niche.  This blog was an experiment for my cousin Susan and I, and it gave us a taste for what it’s like to work for ourselves.

Our problem now is that we can’t quite figure out exactly who we want to be in the blogosphere (Thank you IFB for teaching me that term).  We look up to people like Robyn Chalmers of fashionista514.com for her uniqueness and Gary Pepper Vintage for having perfect style and impeccable photography on her blog.  We just don’t know where we’d like to fit in all of this. I am proud that we are so versatile in our skills, but we need some sort of formula that works, kind of like any sitcom has.  For now I’ll just keep posting whatever the hell I feel like and we’ll see what I come up with.  Any constructive criticism is welcome.


3. I’m finally learning Photoshop – I love acquiring new and useful skills.  I have some girlfriends that I know would love to be in some pretty pictures and I want to give them that chance! When it comes to photography, I often envision things in my head that I can’t turn into a reality because I am very limited by my technical knowledge.  Let’s change that, shall we?


4. I should not have taken a summer class – ughhh.  Which follows the next thing on my mind.

5. I cannot wait to graduate and work as a full-time engineer

This is going to sound so wrong, but I love to dominate.  As an intern at my company now, I can’t be heavily involved in the projects at hand.  There’s still a lot of learning to be done on my part, with both the software that we use as well as the way in which the company functions. I look forward to being able to making the kind of decisions that pull the team in the right direction.  I would also like to be more involved in design in a creative sense.

Alright, it’s halfway into this Sunday evening.  Time for supper with a friend and preparation for another intense week.  I hope you liked my party wear outfit!