Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

Monday, November 19, 2012
• 4:20 PM •

3 Easy Tips on How to wear Rose Gold

With a Dash of Turquoise


Rose Gold: It’s pretty, feminine, trendy, and not the easiest to match! We’re so used to having silver and gold accessories, rose gold just seems to be a whole new concept. It’s trendy enough to find it anywhere and now more and more retailers have considered rose gold to be just as classic as silver and gold.

I know for myself that I’ve fallen in love with Michael Kors Rose Gold watches but super hesitant to invest in a piece, for fear of not using it as much because I’m not sure how it would integrate with my current wardrobe and accessories.

But fear not, I have come up with easy tips on how rose gold can work for you!

Michael Kors Garret Watch MK5620
Michael Kors “Garret” Watch in Rose Gold, MK5620
  • Substitute Yellow Gold with Rose Gold

    We think that silver and gold, are “neutral” in color because they are metals, and thus can pair well with any colored piece of clothing. Though this is true, some colors pair better with one over the other. For example, a navy blue can look sophisticated and great with silver accessories, but pairing the navy with yellow gold enriches the navy because navy itself is a warm tone in the blue family and it contrasts beautifully with boldness and richness of the gold.

    Rose Gold is a warm colored metal, much like yellow gold. So if your reflex is to reach for yellow gold, guide yourself to pick rose gold items instead! It has the same kind of contrasting effect as yellow gold, but, in my opinion, more toned down and “cool”. On the other hand, the copper tone, like an icy pink can look just as great with cold vibrant colors.

    Awesome colors to pair with: try earthy tones like brown, khaki, charcoal, nude colors
    Vibrant colors: Turquoise, coral

  • Mix and match metals!

    Besides, who says you only have to commit to one metal color? When you’re cohesive with your outfit by having some kind of flow or story on how you assemble your outfit, you can do anything!
    So have fun with layering short and long necklaces and stacking bangles and bracelets, silver/rose gold, gold/rose gold, or silver/gold. This can be very fun when you feel like you want spruce up a plain and casual outfit.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively layering necklaces of different lengths and colors. br 021 72 bangle 13pc gold rose gold silver lg
Stacking bangles
  • Accentuate the rosiness in rose gold and go nude!

    Let’s embrace rose gold for its soft and feminine color. Go nude! I mean color-wise! Wear clothing from the nude color family: dusty pink, beige, with a bit of cream, taupe and coral. So when you pair rose gold jewellery, it makes a nice pink-ish theme without going overboard.

Hermes Rose Gold bracelet 
Hermes Rose Gold Bracelet

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
• 2:10 AM •

Oversized Hats & Miniature Bunnies – My Spring 2012 Style

Oversized Hats & Miniature Bunnies – My Spring 2012 Style

Spring is officially here and the weather in Montreal has been shockingly great lately. While some of us are taking full advantage of this good fortune by dusting off our razors and letting our legs see some sunlight, it’s obvious many are still hesitant to fully trust mother nature’s good spirits. With sweaters and gloves tucked deep inside our oversized totes we’ve been programmed to hope for the best but expect the worst. Being in Montreal, you never know when a heat wave will turn into a full fledged blizzard despite the weather network’s contrary predictions. Regardless of the fact that it can all go away in one split second, I can’t help but get really excited at the infinite possibilities brought on by a spring wardrobe. I’ve decided that my personal theme this year will be floppy hats, scarves, brogues, and dresses with pretty, but usually very random, prints. Bring on the sunshine!


If I could spend over 500$ on shoes without needing to file for personal bankruptcy, these are one of the pairs i’d be willing to purchase. These Robert Clergerie tan leather brogues have that perfect masculine and feminine balance I look for in a style like this. They are also the perfect spring colour and can be paired with a spring or summery dress, or light jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan.

Robert Clergerie Tan lace up brogues

These G.H. Bass & Co oxfords are gorgeous, chic, and remind me of my childhood when my mother would dress me up in puffy sleeved frilly dresses (the ones with the itchy taffeta underskirt) and shiny black leather shoes. While I could have done without the over the top dresses, I remember being particularly fond of my shoes. #toddlerswag.

G.H Bass & Co. Washington brogues


If you don’t like scarves, we can’t be friends. Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories out there. They have the ability to dress up a casual outfit, add a creative flare to a boring one, and obviously, serve as a protective shield against raging winds. Whether worn at the waist, neck, or on your head, a pretty scarf can make a pretty difference!

Banana Republic Floral Print Coral scarf

Emilio Pucci Star Shaped cotton scarf

Diane Von Furstenberg Garden Brown Whisper silk scarf

Floppy hats. 

I’ve never been one to wear hats. Mostly because I have a massive head. However, after watching numerous episodes of Kourtney and Kim take New York (don’t judge me, boredom can make us do crazy things), i’ve decided I shouldn’t let the circumference of my cranium get in the way of great style.

Forever 21 Scalloped floppy hat

Forever 21 Fringe Bow floppy hat

Print Dresses. 

Floral prints, tribal prints, turtle prints, whatever the print may be, if it’s done right I would probably wear it.

Jovonnista Mini Bunny Print dress

Alice + Olivia Floral Print dress

Miss Me Printed Babydoll dress

Prophecy Bird Print dress

Here’s hoping Montreal’s weather permits me to indulge in these looks for the next few months to come!

Sunday, March 25, 2012
• 2:51 AM •

Polyvore Q&A: Bodycon Skirt for the Ballet

Polyvore Q&A: Bodycon Skirt for the Ballet

Ah yes! The versatile black bodycon skirt. A skirt that can be used for a casual shopping day or even a night out at the ballet? Of course. An easy article of clothing and one that any female should own, here is how I advise on skipping the typifash look (typically fashionable = boring) and putting an outfit together that is worthy of compliments!

PS: I won BEST Answer, voted by the asker herself, rose-tint:

Click here for this question’s thread on Polyvore!

Here’s the collage I made for this Polyvore Q&A:

Dressing the Bodycon Skirt

I could simply suggest to you that wearing a nice printed cami or tee tucked in your black skirt is all you need to do, but doing that would probably be an insult to you! Because everybody or most people know how to do that, because it’s easy, simple, and safe…so much that it’s not really considered really stylish anymore.

You have a plain black fitting skirt..the possibilities are endless. One of my style rules is to really balance your outfit’s silhouette. So in this case, since your bottom is simple, go with a top that is opposite of that..something with volume, something with a different texture, something with an unconventional shape for a top. If you have an extravagant top like in my first 2 pictures, you might not need jewelry, just a cute handbag.

Donna Karan Asymmetric Draped Stretch - Jersey top

Donna Karan Asymmetric Draped Stretch - Jersey top


Donna Karan Paneled Mesh and Jersey top

Donna Karan Paneled Mesh and Jersey top


if you have more simple this off shoulder top Wear it with chunky statement jewelry

James Perse Women Fitted Funnel Neck Top

James Perse Women Fitted Funnel Neck Top


BCBG Pave link necklace

BCBG Pave link necklace

If you’re going for a more conservative look, you can try classic items with eye-catching colors trendy colors. For example, this blazer:

Mango Tangerine Blazer

Mango Tangerine Blazer

anyways im blabbing..but good luck!