Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
• 8:38 PM •

Cobalt Blue Dreams






Photos for Cobalt Blue Dreams by Yannick Khong

Blue cropped workout tank by Topshop | thrifted triangle broch | thrifted fringed back vest | high-waisted pale blue jean shorts by American Apparel | black patent leather belt by American Apparel | Melina Cutout Booties by Jeffrey Campbell exclusively at Nastygal | hand-me-down beaded chain clutch

These were taken a couple of weeks back in Old Montreal. My outfit was built around this blue cropped workout tank I picked up at Topshop. I worked around this piece to create something edgy yet relaxed (the aim was to look cool and easy-going). When I create an outfit, I look for a good balance of colors and form. I look for the same thing when I am working with colors and contrast in photos (I think that this is definitely a rule of thumb when it comes to aesthetics).

In this outfit I have balanced out the blacks with accents from my shoes, belt and vest. I let the blue dominate in the center and used the tank to accentuate the blue on my broch.  In terms of form, the high waist of my jean shorts lengthen the legs and make for nice proportions. As the tank and shorts are very tight, adding a loose vest evens out the form and bring balance back into the outfit.

Thanks for checking out this post! Hope you are inspired by this outfit and put my simple tips to use! Next on the agenda are photos from my amazing trip to Florida. Stay tuned.


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Sunday, March 17, 2013
• 7:33 PM •

4 Essential Pieces To Update Your Wardrobe For 2013

Fashion is so fast moving that it can be easy to fall behind. Unless you’re a shopaholic, keeping up with new trends is difficult, even for the most fashion-conscious among us. Pick up these four essentials that can breathe new life into the clothes you already have and you’ll be on trend in no time.

Colored tights
Stocking up on colored tights at the start of each season is a must. Colorful or patterned tights add an element of fun to any outfit, and can even be teamed with summer shorts for a trendy look during colder months. It’s best to go for relatively versatile shades, like purple and blue, which can be teamed with loads of other colours.

Skinny jeans
If you can find a high-waisted pair that fits you properly, skinny jeans can be very flattering indeed, even for curvier figures. By complementing your curves, they give off a feminine air that you just don’t get with a pair of regular cut jeans. The trick is to buy a size up from what you think you need. You can find a great range of skinny jeans at

Every girl should have a scarf drawer. We’re not talking about heavy knitted winter ones, but light patterned scarves that can add a touch of flair to more casual outfits. Most clothes shops have a range in their accessories section, so pick up a few the next time you hit the high street. A well-chosen scarf can change your look quickly, easily and cheaply.

Day dresses
Wearing a dress takes most of the stress out of planning an outfit, because it’s all done in one go. Keep a few casual dresses on hand for dates, special lunches, and dress down day at work. You can wear them in the winter with thick tights underneath and a stylish jacket on top, and when summer comes you’ll already have part of your wardrobe sorted! Here are some of our favorite oh-so-affordable looks!

Club L Button Detail Military Skater DressLipsy Floral DressVila Kiara Dress

Left to Right:
The Club L Button Detail Military Skater Dress: ~33$USD. It’s a chic and easy dress to wear inspired from the military trend
The Lipsy Floral Dress: ~83$USD. A burst of flowers never hurt anyone!
The Vila Kiara Dress: ~41$USD. The explicit curves of this dress demands respect!

Thursday, January 3, 2013
• 4:02 PM •

New Year, New Closet

Happy New Year fashionistas! I’m stoked for what 2013 will bring us this year! I feel pumped to start anew and work hard!

With so many sales happening this holiday and the new collections that are making its way onto the racks, I can no longer ignore how terribly packed and messy my closet is. What better way to start the new year with a “new” clean closet, all spacious for my new wardrobe.


This may just seem like advice on how to clean your closet, but it does quite closely relate to style. You’re not just reorganizing your closet, you’re getting to know your wardrobe and tossing out things you don’t need. When you have a better idea of what you have, it makes it that much easier to style yourself everyday, integrating old and new things together.

Let’s start:

  1. Make 3 piles/baskets: KEEP, TOSS, & UNSUREs.
  2. Most likely your closet is divided into sections. So let’s literally clear out the biggest section and start sorting. I find that starting section by section is less overwhelming!
  3. KEEP pile: Stuff you love to wear – where you sometimes base your whole outfit on. Also, this pile might contain clothes that are classic staples, like a tank top or cardigan. These should be things you’ve worn/used in the past 6 months, or 12 months for season-specific items (swimsuits, shorts, coats, etc.…).
    You can keep something special in your closet if it is THAT meaningful to you (i.e. your wedding dress) but let’s not start keeping clothes back when you were 5 to maybe one day dress your own child with.
    For clothes that are for specific occasions like formal dresses that you would wear at a wedding, as an example. Ask yourself, if this event took place literally in a week from today, do you see yourself wearing it a week from now or do you see yourself buying something new. If it’s the former, then KEEP it.
    DO NOT KEEP the clothes because you hope to fit in it one day, like a prize to yourself if  you finally get the physique of your dreams. Toss these away because you deserve to buy yourself  new hot wardrobe for this new you when you get there!
    TOSS pile: Stuff that are collecting dust in your closet because you have not been using them! Also toss away clothes that don’t fit you anymore or that clearly has defects, like irremovable stains.

    UNSURE pile: Everyone has a little bit of a hoarder personality, not wanting to let go of things “in case you need it” or because of sentimental reasons. This pile should not be large. If you see that the Unsure pile has more than your Keep pile, you’re probably being too lenient! Re-sort your Unsure pile to the best of your ability. I get it. Right now you’re on the spot to make a black and white answer and it could get tough. Though if you’re struggling, here’s a helpful read on How To Let Go Of Possessions.


  4. It might help for you to have a close friend to sift through your Keep and Unsure piles for their honest advice. It could be fun to come up with potential outfits with your friend.
  5. With the Keep pile, reorganize your closet. I personally do it by sleeve length and then by color. That way, my short sleeve clothes don’t get lost between my long sleeve clothes of the same color. It’s also easier to point myself in a particular area and work with a smaller section instead of my whole closet! (Won’t be in the long sleeve area during a hot summer day!)
    Section off your closet. Areas for shoes and an area for handbags, which can be organized by season or color or even by designer! (Like Christina Aguilera above).With the Toss pile, ask your family members and friends to take a look at your toss pile and pull out things that they’d like to keep. That way it goes in their closet instead of yours! With the clothes left over, you can donate them to an organization that welcomes donations of all sorts like the Salvation Army!

    With the Unsure pile, pack it up in a box and date it and store it somewhere else for 6 months. If you feel that within those 6 months, you haven’t forgotten about the Unsure box and actually had the urge to open that box to retrieve something from it for an outfit that day, keep it. Otherwise, toss/donate the stuff you have not bothered to touch!

  6. Declutter as often as you can, because it’s sometimes inevitable for it to become a mess again. Do it by season or every 6 months!

Hopefully you gain a better understanding of what you own and how each item can mix and match with other things in your closet. You’ll feel great about yourself because of how this closet organization is time well spent, but the things you’re about to Toss is going somewhere where it would be a lot more appreciated!