fashion photography

fashion photography

Monday, June 25, 2012
• 4:35 PM •

Pyktures Photoshoot Teaser #2

I present you with another teaser from my fashion shoot with Yannick KhongIf you missed the first teaser of this shoot, here it is.  It will definitely be a spectacular album to say the least and I’m excited to see the end result of our creation.  On a more personal note, today is a day of extreme online marketing with Susan as well as some casual shot snapping of interesting accessories (and probably killing time on youtube on reddit – what a life).  ANYWAY, we’re hoping to continue coming out with more  quality content to inspire all throughout summer, though don’t expect to see much more designer items from me because I should really start saving up for next semester! If you need to go shopping for yourself I will gladly tag along and be your personal shopper.  Have a good day people!

Sunday, June 24, 2012
• 10:10 PM •

Midi Length Dress – Pattern, Texture and Sheerness

Midi Dress Floral

Midi Dress Floral

I got this open back floral lace midi length dress on Asos for my engineering ball which took place a couple of months back.  My goal was to be extremely unique, yet not too eccentric.  To suit Wriggly‘s style and to toughen the look for the photo shoot, I decided to go with my Costume National leather lace-up platform booties.  Online shopping for the win.

Saturday, June 23, 2012
• 12:16 PM •

Raw Portrait by Monsiieur


I was impressed with this portrait of myself by Monsiieur, a very successful fashion photographer based in Montreal.  He says that he decided to go for a style a la Hedi Slimane – an extreme pose, naturally imperfect hair, pores and freckles are what gives this portrait its raw vibe.  I think I need to resubmit my passport picture…

Below are links to some of my favorite photos by Monsiieur.  I know you will enjoy them as much as I do! Note that some of the names I’ve given in the hyperlinks are of my own making.  You may not have to click through them all if the AJAX slider opens up.


Rico G-Zombie a.k.a. Zombie Boy

Girl of Dreams Stuck at Home

Model Shaun Ross

Rough, Tough and Dirty Boys

All Natural Model Ely

Jean-Paul Gaultier (just because it’s Jean-Paul fu*king Gaultier)

Enlarged version of my portrait


Inspired yet? I think so…

I just got a new lens and it’s time to create some of my own fashion photography, so who is up to dress up, beautify and get their picture taken on their good side? 🙂