fashion photography

fashion photography

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
• 9:11 PM •

Backlit Babe


In my road to bettering my fashion photography skills, I decided to attempt a backlit subject, placing my model in front of the main light source. I took this photo of my friend and fellow fashion blogger Sarah in my apartment on a Saturday morning. Things were kept simple and sexy. I think this photo belongs on a Majestic Casual YouTube Video.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013
• 12:55 PM •

by Pier Alexandre Gagne


This most likely freaks you out. Here is a photo of me (yes, me) after having grown 7 feet more – or having been masterfully stretched to seem so. Pier Alexandre Gagne is an editorial photographer who grew up in Quebec City and now resides in Montreal. Although it may disturb some to see themselves being stretched way out of proportion, I understand Pier’s importance for having an extraordinarily unique photography portfolio. It makes him sick to imagine a portfolio comprised of what may seem like ads straight from Vogue. Hence, this weird creation by someone who is willing to risk it all to stay loyal to his style!

Visit to see more of his work.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013
• 7:29 PM •


Burberry Silk Scarf

This is my latest of Sarah from I bleed Fashion, wearing a large silk Burberry scarf of mine, folded into the shape of a flower. I am proud to say that I was responsible for the styling, makeup, hair and photography! As you may not know, I’ve been practicing my fashion photography quite a bit these days.  It’s spring break (actually, it’s called reading week) for us at McGill so I’ve got some free time on my hands (to study).

This photo was a bit of a fluke, because it originally reminded me of Kate Middleton and was royally tacky. Playing around with the colors and cropping out half of Sarah’s face seemed to do the trick lol. I got this silk Burberry scarf from Susan as a gift and it proved to be quite useful. My influences for styling are obvious here – she is reminiscent of a Dior flower girl, but her pale skin and subtle piercing bring out a certain coldness. With these features, I was able to direct things away from an uninteresting, pretty, prim and proper image.

If you would like a silk Burberry scarf of your own but cannot splurge, check out the ones available on ebay. Beware of scammers!