fashion photography

fashion photography

Friday, June 28, 2013
• 4:23 PM •


Styling and photography of Caroline by Daura Lee (me), nails by Katherine Perron

Around this time last year when I was just beginning to explore the world of fashion photography, I did my first ever shoot of my friend Katherine and her vintage finds. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know my camera and improving my retouching skills. I can thank people like Pier-Alexandre and Yannick for helping me along the way. This week I met up with Kath’s good friend from Germany, Caroline. This photo was shot at Katherine’s place in Laval, but I like to think that it was shot in LA! If only…

Caroline did an awesome job of giving off a badass vibe! This lady is not to be messed with. All she’s missing is a cigarette in her right hand to set the mood. Lace textures, an interesting pose and brilliant blonde hair make this one of my favourite shoots thus far.

Friday, May 17, 2013
• 2:23 PM •



Styling and photography of Anna by Daura Lee

Redheads clearly aren’t getting enough hype. I decided to dedicate this shot to them by accentuating the qualities that make them unique, such as the extreme highlights in their tousled hair and their fair yet oil-free skin which give off a soft and healthy glow.  I’ve always been jealous of redheads in the same way that I was jealous of left-handed people. You can call them witches and burn them at the stake, or simply favour the fact that they are a rare and therefore special kind!

Color and texture are two main criteria for a look when it comes to fashion. I was loving the texture of this linen blazer and sheer top, and decided to dominate the shot with amber orange and hints of aqua, some of my favourite tones at the moment.  In order to accentuate Anna’s hair, I attempted a seamless color transition from her hair to her eye makeup, all the way down to the detail on her sleeveless sheer top.

What interests me in fashion is the surrealism as opposed to the practical and mundane. I think this would be a great everyday look for Anna, but it’s not how Anna would feel comfortable dressing to work.  She just graduated from civil engineering. Match it up with a mustard hardhat and white stilettos on site, Anna? I think not.

It was so much fun styling and shooting Anna. I can’t wait to do more shoots with other friends. If you’ve enjoyed this entry, stay tuned for more of my photography by liking us on facebook or subscribing to the blog via bloglovin’.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013
• 11:00 AM •

Twin-Set Teaser: Window Shopping

window shopping
This shot of me by Yannick Khong is entitled Window Shopping and gives off the impression that I am a lifeless mannequin in a store display window. I love it because it shows off the beautiful paisley-like detail in my new shirt by Twin-Set, and the reflection of the street adds even more interest to the shot.

Twin Set is holding an exciting photo contest for fashion bloggers, and this photo serves as a teaser for my official entry. Stay tuned to see my contest entry and vote for me if you enjoy this blog!


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