Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Thursday, July 12, 2012
• 1:01 AM •

Model Poses Teaser: OMG where am I?

Here’s a little teaser of a project that I intend on doing once I get out of this busy wave.  I’m not quite sure if I look crazy, shocked or just plain stupid, but this pose is inspired by one of my favourite models, the one and only Coco Rocha.


I also realize how noisy/technically bad this photo must be.  I currently know very little about photography, but I did my best with the amount of light that I had when the photo was taken, and with time I had to edit.

Anyway, my idea is to choose a few funny and/or weird poses from top models and try to recreate them and have a little fun.  I will be using my own clothes for this so don’t expect anything too out of this world – my budget is tight! I expect the post to come out in the next few weeks. Hopefully it will be entertaining for you guys.


Thursday, July 5, 2012
• 10:50 PM •

Diane Von Furstenberg Opal: My Item of Desire!

I was at Ogilvy on Sainte Catherine street today and I realized something as I picked up the Diane Von Furstenberg Opal sandal. There is compulsive shopping, and then there’s shopping with one goal in mind – to be the most one of a kind, sexy and classy bundle of a woman that you could be.  That is exactly what DVF offers time after time.  These beauties were even on sale and it’s a shame that they didn’t have my size! I will surely be chasing them down online.  My only issue now will be the amount of customs and duties I will have to pay to have them shipped to Canada…

DVF Opal_Chocolate Suede


DVF Opal_Chocolate Suede_frontandback

I don’t think there is a moment in time when I do not have anything on my list of wanted items in fashion.  Would it offend you if I said that there is no other way for a fashionista to live than in designer clothes? I know it’s a big statement (one that I cannot afford to stand by), but find something as awesome as the Diane Von Furstenberg Opal wedge sandal in a store like Forever 21, and I’ll give you a pair of Christian Louboutins.