Thursday, September 26, 2013
• 12:56 PM •

I don’t need my Fix

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I Don’t Need My Fix photographed by Yannick Khong

Backpack and cobalt blue fisherman crewneck sweater by American Apparel | orange crewneck tee by Topshop | Cozy Navy Ponte Leggings by Jacob | Penfield Manufacturing Co. Five Panel Cap from Off the Hook  | MARC by MARC JACOBS White Leather Strap Blue Detail Watch | Road Bike by Fiori | Jeffrey Campbell Melina Cutout Booties

This post is dedicated to my long-time friend Quentin Dumont-Freixo who is now off biking with the Dutch.

You gotta love the swag style associated with bike culture. I’m not talking about the hipster/hippie look – if you’ve been keeping up with my blog you’ll know I’m the modern type. I’m talking about the fresh and the cool. Crewnecks, five panel caps, backpacks and solid colors is what I love to be wearing when I’m cycling around town. The day of the shoot I felt so comfortable, I think I’ll be dressing like this more often. My fancy side can’t help but dress things up a little with these leather cutout booties by Jeffrey Campbell and my Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, a recent purchase while in NYC for New York Fashion Week. Judging from the popularity of certain looks at NYFW, I think many fashionistas have been longing for more swag and less glam in their wardrobes. We need more statement items in the boyish laid-back department, items we can mix with our favourite designer shoes, purses and jewellery.

Despite the pot holes, road cracks and aggressive drivers of Montreal who give us cyclists a 1-inch clearance, biking around town this summer has been amazing. As I live 15 minutes from downtown, it’s almost always quicker to take the bike and cut through traffic. Uphill makes you work to stay fit, and downhill is your reward. The only downside is that I can’t wear my fancy heels when I ride.