Sunday, June 10, 2012
• 10:52 PM •

Montreal Street Photography on this Fine Weekend

Yesterday I got a new camera! It’s the Olympus E-PM1.  The E-PM1 suits my lifestyle because it is so small and compact – just like me! It’s perfect for my blogging needs because I’ll be able to bring it with me everyday of the summer, which means that no one is safe – don’t be surprised if you end up on one of my blog posts (though I’ll of course remove your photo if you ask me to).

New camera_640

Special thanks to Yannick Khong of for helping me choose my camera, and for giving me the courage to creep random people on the street! This before/after shot is his doing…LOL.  FYI, I was using Yannick’s camera for most (and by most, i mean ALL) of these shots because I didn’t get a chance to charge my battery!

Before and After_640