Friday, July 13, 2012
• 7:59 PM •

Lady Gaga for Vogue September 2012 Issue

lady gaga for vogue

Lady Gaga for Vogue this coming September!  I’ve listed some things we can expect from this issue:

A Heavy Purse/Murse

I’m all down for a thick magazine, but PLEASE don’t bore me with more from that extremely preppy Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this in the Montreal metro ads, online and in every fashion issue I’ve picked up in these past couple of months.  Stop trying to sell this dream, because it’s making us all gag!

Lots of Crazy Spring 2012 Inspiration

The cover tells us that Lady Gaga is in the middle of transforming her style, much like your typical fashionista will do as she gathers influence from season to season.  She’s becoming more girly, but always has that special twist to offer in her attire. This is what puts her right up there with other big influences in fashion.  I think this issue will give me some great outfit ideas for this spring/summer and you guys will be the first to know what I come up with.  I personally think that influence in art is the only way to grow and that we should never let an ego stop us from transforming our style on others’ behalf!

Lady Gaga Interview

Honestly, I’m REALLY not that into celebrity gossip or stories, so it would take a lot out of me to actually read this interview lol.  I think I’ll stick to looking at pretty pictures of her style instead.  Isn’t that why every person “reads” vogue?

Ads – DUH

I don’t buy magazines too often because the idea of buying someone else a chance to sell to you seems a bit…stupid.  I try to rationalize to myself that I’m buying a bundle of ideas that I’ll be able to explore while I’m on the bus.  I also take myself out of the potential demographic for these advertisers because I simply don’t have the money for that (Of course, I may have the money at some point in which case they are investing wisely). In any case, I enjoy original ads that display beautiful fashion photography.

Come September, I’ll be back in school full-time for my last year and Lady Gaga for Vogue will be there to help me procrastinate.

Saturday, June 23, 2012
• 12:16 PM •

Raw Portrait by Monsiieur


I was impressed with this portrait of myself by Monsiieur, a very successful fashion photographer based in Montreal.  He says that he decided to go for a style a la Hedi Slimane – an extreme pose, naturally imperfect hair, pores and freckles are what gives this portrait its raw vibe.  I think I need to resubmit my passport picture…

Below are links to some of my favorite photos by Monsiieur.  I know you will enjoy them as much as I do! Note that some of the names I’ve given in the hyperlinks are of my own making.  You may not have to click through them all if the AJAX slider opens up.


Rico G-Zombie a.k.a. Zombie Boy

Girl of Dreams Stuck at Home

Model Shaun Ross

Rough, Tough and Dirty Boys

All Natural Model Ely

Jean-Paul Gaultier (just because it’s Jean-Paul fu*king Gaultier)

Enlarged version of my portrait


Inspired yet? I think so…

I just got a new lens and it’s time to create some of my own fashion photography, so who is up to dress up, beautify and get their picture taken on their good side? 🙂