Thursday, September 13, 2012
• 2:57 AM •

10 Facts About Being A Fashion Blogger At Montreal Fashion Week

Dorothy and I were really excited to attend Montreal Fashion Week as official media. It was definitely a stressful week! So much planning and having posts ready by the end of the night and planning what to wear for fashion week and interviews with designers; the list goes on! By Day 4, we were pooped!

It was great that our event photographer Dru, Daura, and I were a threesome so we had each other to keep us company. But it’s so nerve-wracking because everyone wants to impress and we are no exception. Putting yourself out there and being the first to initiate contact includes being vulnerable and susceptible to rejection. No one really wants to be the first to approach, but everyone is happy to be approached. It’s a rough cycle!

As bloggers, I think we should help each other and support each other in some ways! It kind of sounds ridiculous because at the same time everyone’s in competition with each other, but think of how lonely it would be to just keep to yourself! When you’re a fashion blogger, or any kind of blogger for that matter, it can go from a fun hobby to a business, fast! When that happens, it’s hard to stop wearing your business hat by seeing every person you meet as “contact,”  rather than just another potential friend. I think I’ll stick to “friending people,” even in cases when this may not be a mutual agreement. Call me naive, but I believe that if you initially treat a someone like a friend, you have the potential to grow your relationship with that person. Treat them like a contact, and that’s just what they’ll be.


It’s needless to say that being a blogger at Montreal Fashion Week is quite the experience. We’ve learned many things, including how to deal with certain situations. We’ve thus compiled a list of things that perhaps any other blogger attendees can relate to. These observations are not sugar coated –  we just call it as we see it!

1. Checking everyone’s outfit out (and giving it your personal stamp of approval or just ..judging!)

Lovely and stylish ladies of The Warehouse Magazine

2. People are either wearing black and playing it safe or going all out with ridiculous (albeit still cool!) outfits. You wonder if people are just trying too hard.

3. Bloggers spot other bloggers that they recognize from online but are too shy to approach them.
We managed to suck it up and met top bloggers Patrick from Je Suis…L’Aristocrate and Anik from Montreal In Style.

4. You spot a hot guy every which way and wonder if he’s straight.

5. The media room is like heaven, especially when you have an awesome guy named Tito giving out free cappuccinos.


6. There’s like…NO food. Free alcohol – totally. Food? Not so much. Fashion diet anyone?!
We were starving the whole way through.

7. Some bloggers may look like they are tweeting during a 15-minute runway show but are just texting their friends.

8. Everyone talks about everyone’s seating arrangements and what this says about their success as a blogger in the (Montreal) fashion industry.

9. Blogger cliques travel in a packs. There are few lone wolves!
Bloggers try to look important at all times when alone. They look composed when sitting alone between shows and playing with their phone, not really socializing with anyone.

10. But when you stay cool and put yourself out there, you can meet some great and super hilarious people!
Louis from De Laine et De Satin, Nelly from Fashionaccro and Christopher of blackguyfrommontreal, you made our experience much more awesome!

Did we miss a fact about blogging at MFW? Let us know!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
• 12:12 PM •

How To Spot A Fake Longchamp “Le Pliage” tote: The Super Guide

longchamp ad 2012

Literally, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see at least 5 people carry a Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ handbag. They are absolutely everywhere! Though, whether the bags are authentic or not is another question. I also have nothing better to do while strolling around downtown that I made a game out of it: the “Longchamp Pliage Authentication” game.

Here’s a super detailed guide to train you to spot a fake Longchamp in a matter of seconds and from a few feet away! It gets tricky because there are so many different types of these fake totes out there with multiple modifications, and the design has become even more sophisticated throughout the years. I know there are already numerous guides on how to tell when a Longchamp Pliage bag is fake, but I haven’t found one yet that I’m satisfied with, probably because most have little to no pictures connected to their descriptions.

Also, if you really don’t think my guide has helped you in any way, or you just aren’t sure of something. Feel free to drop me a message on our Facebook page (it would be awesome if you liked our page too 🙂 !) with pictures and I would gladly help you authenticate a Longchamp Pliage for you.

Please note: Purseforum’s Longchamp Authentication thread is not reliable. I’ve seen Authentic Pliage bags labeled Fake when it wasn’t, and Fake bags that were labeled Authentic. It honestly hurts to see those bad judgements being called (mostly by the same person), so I decided to make this guide.


The Leather:

Authentic: Has a diamond pattern, caused by relatively straight diagonal lines.
Fake: Can have a lightly-indented fish-scale texture, round or uneven pebble-like texture, or smooth.

FAKE_Longchamp_front_leather_textureOriginal Individual Photo Credits: snegurochka79 on eBay, Mrs. Martinez, PurseForum

Authentic: Has a really rich tan/cognac color, with a red/orange undertone. If you look closely, the leather has a subtle uneven color finishing with lighter and darker area. (It’s a bit difficult to capture this in pictures sometimes. You need a close-up shot like below.) The front snap button should read “LONGCHAMP” and “1948” with a jockey logo at the center.
Fake: Can be one solid color. Even if it isn’t solid-colored, it does not have any light or dark patches like below.

REAL_Longchamp_front_leather_ColorAUTHENTIC. Original Photo Credit: Darkfairy on Flickr

Authentic: The jockey logo should be indented in. Color is a beige (turns tan after prolonged use) and it has really short hairs to the point that it looks smooth. Note: For medium and larger totes, the indent is less apparent. You can still feel the indent though!  The snap should read “ORIGINAL PRYM 6/4B”. In 2013, the snap on the backside of these new bags have “LONGCHAMP” written twice, but they are still being produced with the ORIGINAL PRYM 6/4B as well.
Fake: There is no trace of a jockey logo; it is completely flat. Can be a light pinkish/dusty rose or a brown and looks like it has “no hairs” or “too hairy”. The snap reads differently then mentioned above.


Saturday, July 21, 2012
• 5:44 PM •

Fashion Shoot – Sick of Myself

wriggly portrait

“Sick of Myself” suits the title of this fashion shoot because at the moment of its publication I am completely sick of myself – go figure.  I’ve been blogging since February of this year.  That means it’s been barely 6 months since my cousin Susan and I launched this website.  If you’re a blogger then you know exactly how I feel.  Blogging, like any business (or should I say “aspiring business?”) is tough work and it is extremely frustrating not to get the support of those you know.  It’s tough to stay rational and tell yourself that your closest friends may just not be in the right demographic for what you have to offer online, but at the same time, you become so obsessed with your work that it hurts to think that your best buddies don’t care much about its achievements.  Conversely, you hate yourself for being a spammer and feel pathetic for all this self-promotion.

Online success does not come easy which is why I think I am so obsessed with it – you’re competing with millions of people and you either step up your game or get lost in cyberspace.  There are countless ways to improve and I have acquired many skills since the start of this blog, most of which would not be worth trading for instant success.  I am confident that Snob Affair will succeed and help us reach larger goals in mind – it will probably experience many more transformations by the time we’re done with it, but I know that we have what it takes to make it.  We just have to be patient and stay focused on reaching the right crowd.

“I like to tell people that all of our products and business will go through three phases. There’s vision, patience, and execution.”

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft 

There are few professions in this world whose success does not rely on the approval of others.  If you want to do something and you don’t have a rich daddy, a huge supporting posse or personally know a celebrity, then I would recommend putting it on the net and seeing how far that can take you.  I am not exactly a great example right now, but I can tell you that the act alone of working towards something is extremely rewarding, and I mean this in the least cheesy way possible!

Many thanks to friend and photographer Wriggly for this portrait shot.  A fashion shoot with you increases my cool factor by infinite orders of magnitude.