Thursday, March 7, 2013
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Here is another shot of me taken by Yannick at the Montreal Lights Festival! I thought that it would be appreciated amongst some photography enthusiasts. The beautiful bokeh was achieved with strong spotlights that were lighting up a sign above. They served as a powerful backlight for the particles of snow falling around me. The erratic movements of the snow due to the wind contributed to this cool effect!

Sunday, February 17, 2013
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Why Martin Lim Wowed at Fashion Week


Although grouping all our favourites of Montreal Fashion Week would have been much easier on us busy bloggers, we decided that it would not do Martin Lim’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection justice to be grouped with all the rest. Hence, this separate review post to appreciate their collection, simply because we were blown away!  The collection is filled with some serious vitality and class, though is in no sense uptight.  Danielle Martin and Pao Lim have designed for the smart, elegant and confident lady who doesn’t hesitate to let loose and have a little fun.

The styling was DEFINITELY on the ball.  Designers often attempt to create a surreal environment in styling their collections with dramatic makeup and hair, which does indeed have its own advantages on the runway (high fashion is an unattainable dream).  Martin Lim took an intelligent approach with a romantic and feminine look, which allowed the female audience to properly envision themselves wearing these pieces (and pulling them off).  In my opinion, this is owed to a keen intuition for business on Martin Lim’s part.

It is impressive to see how far Martin Lim has come.  These young designers have reached great success at Montreal Fashion Week 24 and we anticipate much more in the years to come.

Enjoy these photos of our favourite pieces, courtesy of our photographer Dru.











Saturday, September 29, 2012
• 12:31 PM •

5 Reasons Why Fashionistas Love the Fall Season


The Parisian fashion community is currently buzzing about Spring/Summer 2013 collections that have recently hit the runway, though as much as we bloggers like to stay ahead of the fashion game, the fact of the matter is that it’s still summer here in Montreal. We have yet to get our autumn wardrobes into full swing, and we are in no rush at all.

If you  love styling as much as I do, you’ll relate with me when I say that I am extremely self-critical when it comes to what I wear. No, I cannot simply pair a top with a skirt or a pair of pants and be done with it – it’s got to be more complex. You must work to look good. Dressing well means knowing that you put all your efforts into that one outfit. You’ve considered all options, used constraints to your advantage and understand where your inspiration comes from.


What I’m wearing (photos by Yannick Khong):
Vintage gold-embellished flats, Vintage gold necklace from Lost & Found
Bamboo Yights in maroon and turquoise high-waisted belt by American Apparel
Tweed pencil skirt by Costa Blanca
Beige cardigan by Zara
Thrifted black fringe top (worn backwards) from some street hipsters
Turquoise cotton long sleeve tee by Old Navy


Here are 5 reasons why I believe that Fall is the most fashionable season:

1. Layering Inexpensive Pieces Can Make You Look Effortlessly Stylish
In the autumn, dressing up is so easy. Adding interest to your outfit is effortlessly achieved by over-layering inexpensive pieces.  Your wardrobe is as large as ever at this time of the year, because any season’s item is game at this point. That chiffon skirt that you were sporting all summer can be worn over a pair of sheer tights and some lace-up booties and voila! You’re good to go.

2. In the autumn months, there is no need to feel guilty about sticking to neutrals.
Fashion-forward people have a slight but constant inner battle about which colors to wear.  In the summer months especially, wearing black, grey, beige, cream or any other neutral (except for white, because that was like…SO IN 2 months ago) is not cool.  In the autumn season however, there is no shame in wearing the traditional season colors, so pull out those brown leather rider boots or your favourite satchel and rock it.

3. That Perfect Chunky Knit Sweater on that Perfectly Crisp Autumn Morning
I have yet to find my perfect chunky knit sweater.  Well…I actually did find one, unfortunately it was a large Vince cashmere cocoon cardigan tagged at 500 bucks.  My search continues for that cozy sweater that I’ll be wearing as I go for an early Saturday morning stroll with a chai latte in hand.

4. Accessories Overload!
Be it a silk pashmina, a felt wool bell hat, lady-like leather gloves or a pair of cozy tights, I love packing it on.  Anything to add more definition to a look.

5. Throw on that staple item, and they’ve got nothin’ on you!
We all have our off days.  For those really off days when you roll out of bed and have only 15 minutes to get ready, just throw on that light jean or leather jacket! I love thrift shopping because it’s so easy to find staple items such at these at dirt cheap prices.  Being extremely lazy in the morning need not compromise your style if you own a sick leather jacket – which is of course best worn in the fall season.