Friday, July 10, 2015
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Smart Shopping: Save on Clothes

     It’s the ones with tons of money to throw around that fail to be creative. Many buy whatever is the new hot item to buy and don’t search for unique creations. These people also don’t use each piece in their wardrobe to their full advantage. Think of all the things you bought this past year. Ask yourself how many of those things you actually use.

     Walk into a store and there they are – discounts galore. Most of what you see is either mediocre in style, quality or both. You may not need that extra sweater for 22.97 or that pair of flats for 45 bucks, but your compulsive nature gets the best of you and sets you back from achieving the looks that you really want.

     Many of us have heard the term cost-per-wear, a budgeting technique which some believe to be a justification method for spending large sums of money on a single item. The fact of the matter is that we need to be as rational as possible when it comes to filling our closets. If what you are buying does not increase the overall quality of your wardrobe, then it really isn’t worth buying, regardless of cost-per-wear. We must simply strive to spend as little as possible. A fashionista doesn’t buy more, she just buys better.

Basics First

A quality wardrobe contains the essentials. First and foremost, it is important to understand the difference between buying out of need and out of want. For example, a warm winter coat for our harsh winters up here in Canada is absolutely essential. Needs should come first. Don’t go buying that shimmery watch if you don’t even have enough socks and underwear to last you the season. As much as we’d like to ignore things like this and be irresponsible with our purchases, we must realize that in the long-run it’s a lot more important to be comfortable than it is to be trendy. Coming from someone who’s made the mistake of buying cheap painful heels, I know what I’m talking about.

There are some out there who overdo the basics. For example, if you are a frequent leggings wearer, you do not need ten pairs of leggings. The laundry machine exists for a reason. Three pairs will suffice. The extra money can go towards something cute to pair with those leggings, instead of just throwing on the same old charcoal grey tunic or hoodie.

Envision a Regular Day

     Unless you’re buying something in particular for a special occasion, you should try to project yourself into the future. I do this before each and every fashionable purchase, and this prevents me from buying things that I will hardly wear. Imagine that you’ve bought the item, and now you’re scrambling to get ready in the morning. Are you having problems matching that item with the rest of your closet? Is it too fancy for the office? How good does this item look on your body when seen from a distance? Don’t buy because you love the look of the item – buy it because you love the way you look in the item, and because you see yourself putting it on with ease on most days of the week. If that means that you won’t be buying glamorous clothes, it’s totally fine. Some of us are just not meant to put effort into dressing up in the morning. If you are one to go out and buy nice things, but then are too lazy in the morning to figure out how to actually wear that item, then you could be saving yourself a lot of money by not buying nice things in the first place. Face the harsh reality!

     Realize what works for you and go to the store with a certain idea in mind. If the store doesn’t satisfy your needs, then simply do not buy. Things that may look cute at first glance may look sloppy with everything else you own.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize (What’s your image, or your “fashion personality?”)

     With the above being said, be sure to walk into the store having an idea of an image you want to achieve instead of letting the mannequins in the store decide for you. Inspiration and compulsion can quickly dig a hole into your pocket. Just because something looks good on someone else, doesn’t mean it will look good on us. Do you want to be a delicate flower, or a ball-busting biatch? Stick to the plan and only purchase the items that will help you pursue that image. Check out our article, “What’s Your Fashion Personality?” for some ideas of what type of image you would like to portray. Online shopping is a great way to make rational decisions. Make a Pinterest board of looks you would like to pull off, and pin any items that match that look. Then, start eliminating the pieces that don’t quite make the cut.

Opportunity Cost is Key

     Opportunity cost is key. If you purchased that average-looking acrylic sweater for 30 dollars, just think about that 60 dollar super cozy cocoon wool sweater that your money could have gone towards. One “it girl” sweater beats two “boring betty” sweaters. Lol.

Check for Quality

     Do not forget to check the item for quality. A pretty item on the rack may have you overlooking its cons. If it’s a low-quality item, then make sure that it is priced accordingly. Low-quality items aren’t strictly a no-no in my book. I’ve got a few cheaply-made tank tops that are holding up just fine, however I cannot STAND wearing low quality shoes (pun definitely intended)!


     There’s nothing wrong with consuming if the item is actually going to be consumed. You’ve got to know what you need, what you want (what you really really want<—spice girls reference) and what looks good on you (really really good, not just passable). Why settle? The trick is to do less shopping and more shopping around. In an industry based on trends, you’ve got to be picky. Decide who you want to be, and make a list before hitting the mall. It’s about quality items that are not only practical in your wardrobe, but also comfortable while making a statement. Raise your cost-per-wear. If you’re not wearing what you buy, then you probably aren’t buying what you actually wear.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013
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Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collection: Still Unconventional

Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collectio

Alexander McQueen is one of the most eccentric couture brands to date. The label is known to exhibit luxurious gowns and flamboyant accessories. So when the Resort 2014 collection was released, I was in complete awe to see utilitarian pieces all throughout. Maybe it’s just me but this surprising detour current Creative Director Sarah Burton went on, was a shock to those who are very familiar with the late Lee McQueen’s risqué designs.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collectio
Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collectio
According to Sarah, the 2014 line was heavily inspired by her fascination with the boho-chic outfits of the 60’s “flower children” or hippies, and with World War II uniforms. Then it hit me that the stark contrast of these inspirations lies on the fact that the clothing from the two eras are on opposite poles. The odd idea of combining such opposing styles gave the Resort collection a restrained, yet subtlety sexy vibe. Fashionistas that gathered on the community boards of Fashion Forum and foxybingo gave out mixed reviews on the latest line. The forums on these web sites primarily gather to talk about their common interests like checking out the latest trends, playing bingo, and sharing style tips. Fortunately, most of these online netizens who play and post on these sites agree that the clothes from the latest selections of Alexander McQueen were surprisingly refreshing and is by far, the most wearable compared to the label’s past collections.
Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collectio


Shades of khaki, mustard, white, ice blue, navy, gray, and brown dominate the whole line. This veered quite far from the usual dark and dramatic hues from previous season releases. It appeared that Sarah literally took the season’s relaxed vibe up a notch by using light, breezy fabrics. Although many shuddered at the thought of wearing cropped flare pants, the floral-printed ones seen in the collection made instant converts out of many urbanites and McQueen fans. Loose tops, maxi dresses, belted shifts, and playsuits all conveyed relaxed, effortless dressing.
In spite of the shock the Resort 2014 collection brought on stylish women everywhere, Sarah Burton still maintained what Alexander McQueen stood for: unconventional.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collectio
Alexander McQueen Resort 2014 Collectio

Sunday, March 31, 2013
• 11:02 AM •

The Best of Zara Spring 2013

Yesterday, I sifted through the Zara Canada online store and chose some of their best pieces for spring 2013! It has only been a couple of weeks since the launch of Zara’s new Canadian online store, and you can bet that fashionistas across the country have been taking full advantage of this. I myself have been frequently browsing their new arrivals. Although many like to feel and try on their clothes before purchasing, I prefer to take the time to carefully select my items in the comfort of my own home, make my purchase without pressure, and head to the store to return anything that does not fit or is not flattering.

As it can be overwhelming to sort through the numerous items offered at Zara, this post is intended to suggest to you a few of their statement pieces that caught my eye. Keep in mind that this list is generated from my personal tastes and that I am not affiliated with the company. As I love statement pieces, I try my best to choose the most eye-catching items, as well as offer some advice as I explain why I selected each item. I hope this helps some of you!

Jacquard Pattern Top $69.90


This sweater speaks for itself! I absolutely love patterns, and this intricately detailed pattern reminds me of the colors used on Turkish rugs. It gives off a high-class vibe, yet the sweatshirt cut keeps things laid back and cool. It is definitely at the top of my must-have list.

Two-toned Denim Shirt $69.90


Blocking two tones gives a structured and polished look to an otherwise relaxed shirt. In the past year we’ve been seeing a lot of jean shirts or chambrays, as it has become a key item in the wardrobes of many. The slight twist offered by this two toned button-up is definitely enough to catch my attention.  I think this shirt would really complement my Hip and Bone leather snapback.

Studio Striped Top $79.90


Sporty-chic is totally in! I love the studio-striped top because is super elegant and does not compromise comfort. ‘Nuff said.

Plush T-shirt $59.90


Heavy solid lines add some serious contrast to an outfit, which help you stand out in a crowd. I love clean lines. This shirt is easily worn with any coloured pant or leggings on an off-day! If you are one to have little energy for fashion creativity on most mornings, investing in easy-to-wear shirts like this increase your likelihood of making a statement, even when you don’t want to put in the effort.