Friday, June 8, 2012
• 2:42 AM •

Palm trees everywhere..Welcome to Nice!


This is day one of my two month long European adventure! I just landed in Nice, France about 1hr ago. It’s 8 am here and considering that on the plane I sat next to the loudest most obnoxious baby EVER, I should probably get some shut eye. But, I can’t because I’m too distracted by all the palm trees!! It’s absolutely beautiful here and I’ve seen nothing but 1 major street and the highway.

But in all seriousness, I can’t get to my hotel room yet because I arrived a million years before i’m able to check in, so now i’m awkwardly trying to kill some time in the computer room. The receptionist dude also just approved of my accent because it wasnt that Quebecois. Thanks?! Oh and it cost me 35 € for a 10 min taxi ride. Did I just get massively ripped off? Probably.

Until next time!

Sunday, June 3, 2012
• 3:32 PM •

Stylish Toddlers (Without Tiaras)

I will eventually stop referencing TLC programming in my titles…  Maybe.

Children’s fashion has changed quite a bit from when I was a kid. My mom liked to dress me up in my sunday best practically every day (see exhibits A & B below). Now I hardly ever see little girls walking around in frou frou dresses and shiny mary-janes or boys in bow ties and button up shirts. Nowadays things tend to be more on the casual, and sometimes dowdy, side. Once in a while though, you spot a little tot wearing something that makes you wish you could still shop at the baby Gap.

Exhibit A: red dress, red socks, black and white shoes, confused look.

Exhibit B: floral one piece, white socks, black shoes, …cannot explain facial expression.

Some celeb kids have become major trend setters and i’m guilty of having followed Suri Cruise’s fashion journey since the time she used to sport her adorable short bobbed do.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012
• 11:25 AM •

My Big Fat Fake Wedding

The other day I was vegging on my couch and watching an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. It was one of those blowout sale episodes where hundreds of bridezillas line up outside of NYC’s Kleinfeld Bridal boutique for hours to buy a 30G dress for half price (yesss! 15G! MUCH more affordable now!). The show had its usual lineup of entertainers; the ones that cry hysterically the minute they walk into the boutique, the ones that think a Kleinfeld sale justifies buying more than one wedding dress (… I know today’s divorce rate is high, but seriously?!), and last but not least, the ones that buy a dress…and aren’t engaged…or even in a relationship.

Crazy right?! Yeah, that’s what I thought as I mocked them then proceeded to get on my laptop, go on pinterest, and pin pretty pictures of wedding dresses, wedding favours and wedding cakes. Ahem.

Ok, so many of us who hope to one day get married are guilty of imagining and planning what the event will be like long before knowing when it might actually occur. From the guest list, to the venue, to the dress design, some girls (and guys!) are SUR-RE-YUS when it comes to the ‘big day’. So, in the spirit of this embarrassing realization, I bring to you My Big Fat Fake Wedding… destined to potentially never occur after this post.

The 411

Guest list: between 175 to 225 guests.
Theme: TBD
Season: Autumn…obviously.

The Dress

I didn’t realize lace was my thing… until I realized lace was my thing. I need lace on my dress, and lots of it.

The Shoes

My mother recently told me a horror story about a friend of a friend who got married in sneakers. Not cute, dainty or bedazzled sneakers… sneakers within the New Balance realm. Perhaps she had a back or leg injury? Not even. Apparently it was solely for the comfort factor.

Doesn’t she know Ryan Gosling totally disapproves of New Balances?!! For shame.

Because I take Gosling’s expert advice very seriously, you can expect to find me rocking some Choos or Louboutins on my wedding day.

A girl can dream.

The Bling