Don’t Settle! is the motto of Snob Affair, a blog written by Susan and Daura, two aspiring fashion stylists from Montreal. Combining natural aesthetic taste and originality, Susan and Daura realize the greater potential of clothing and accessories. Snob Affair stands for self-expression through these items, either for individual clients, labels or fashion enthusiasts.  The goal is to go beyond just a flattering outfit. This is achieved by establishing a notable look that is fresh and representative of the individual, and by never settling for anything less! Snob Affair offers tips and tricks to build and polish your unique style and in the near future, will also showcase collections by local names.

We aspire to inspire!

As for the name, Snob Affair, how we came about it started with the perception of fashion. Individuals who aren’t involved in the fashion industry normally associate fashion to superficiality, elitism, and “snobs” – thus making Fashion – a snob affair. We think otherwise. Fashion showcases artists’ perception of people, history, and the modern world in their dresses down to the last stitch, which depicts immense depth. Fashion inspires all kinds of people to think outside the box and affects everyone one way or another. These ideas are translated into garments that will one day help mark a period in history. To put it plainly, fashion is wearable art and anybody can appreciate its beauty. As a result, we redefined the word SNOB: Sexy, Noteworthy, Original, and Bold. So be a SNOB, we’ll show you how.

Meet Susan!

Meet Daura!

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