2013 March

Sunday, March 3, 2013
• 7:42 PM •

Meet Sarah of ibleedfashion.com






What she’s wearing

Jacket: Zara
lace top: Editorial Boutique
purple tank: Aritzia
black tulip skirt: T by Alexander Wang
black tights: oro blu
chrome watch: Michael Kors
tuque: I lent that to her because her hair was misbehaving


On Friday, I met up with a fellow Montreal fashion blogger by the name of Sarah Monaco (I know, doesn’t that sound like the name of a celebrity?). We had lunch at the lovely Castel Café on Sherbrooke street, and discussed ideas for future collaborations. We also got to talking about the ups and downs of being a local blogger. It’s always fun to meet someone with whom I can relate on such topics, as my engineering friends are far from willing to talk about fashion for hours at a time! : )

Sarah and I had apparently crossed paths a few times at MFW24, but she tells me that she didn’t know how to approach the Snob Affair crew without “making things awkward.” Funny enough, I recognized her when we met up at the café, as I had frequently seen her roaming the halls in school. “Oh, who’s that chic girl?” I would ask myself sometimes. “It must be a first or second year engineering student, my guess is chemical or civil.”

I was wrong on all counts, except for the fashionista part. Sarah is a Psychology major, with a double minor in Molecular Biology and Italian Studies. She’s also taken a ton of economics courses. Broad interests, much?

I brought my camera with me to our meeting and was prepared to turn some heads on campus with street style photography. Sarah is very photogenic, so it was tough choosing my favourite shots to edit! I hope you like the result. It’s spring break for us McGillians, so we’re planning a shoot in the near future. I’m very excited for that!

If you would like to see more of Sarah’s style. check out ibleedfashion.com.

Daura <3