2012 August

Monday, August 27, 2012
• 11:08 AM •

Win 2 Passports for YOU and A FRIEND Montreal Fashion Week 23rd edition (400$ Value!!)

(la version française ci-dessus)

Win 2 Passports,  for the WHOLE WEEK for this season’s edition of Montreal Fashion Week, taking place September 4th – 7th, 2012.

You and a Friend can attend as many as 20 runway shows and mingle at the cocktail parties!

It is important to use the Rafflecopter widget to register your entry/entries, since the winner will be randomly selected from Rafflecopter list. 
Click “+1 To Do it“. After doing the task, click the Green Button to complete the entry. You can make sure your entries count by checking your name in the Recent Activity tab.

Use the RaffleCopter widget below to:

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Check out the list of MFW Fashion Designers here.

Check the MFW23 schedule.

Contest is OPEN TO EVERYONE, however travel expense is not included.

Contest ends on August 31st at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and on our blog Snob Affair by September 1st at 5pm or before. We will also contact the winner by email!



Gagnez 2 passeports pour la 23ième édition de La semaine de mode de Montréal, qui aura lieu le 4 septembre jusqu’au 7 septembre 2012.

Vous et un ami pourriez assister à jusqu’a 20 défilés de mode, et fêter avec les designers!

Pour participer au tirage, utilisez l’outil RaffleCopter en bas de cette page pour:

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  • Tweetez le Giveaway @SnobAffair #WinMFW23. (Le Tweet est deja écrit pour vous sur Rafflecopter)

Informez-vous de la liste des designers ici.

Checkez l’horaire de la semaine de mode ici.

Le concours est OUVERT À TOUS. Par contre, les frais de déplacement ne sont pas inclus!

Le concours se termine le 31 août à 23:59 EST. Le/La gagnant(e) sera annoncer sur Facebook et Twitter, et sur notre blog Snob Affair avant le 1er septembre. Nous allons aussi contacter le gagnant par courriel!


Sunday, August 26, 2012
• 6:33 PM •

Vintage Heaven

I should stop buying shit. I should REALLY stop buying shit.

You know that when one says the word “should,” it means that they probably wont. I won’t stop buying shit, especially not after discovering an amazing vintage boutique called Lost & Found (and no, this is NOT a sponsored post!). I was taking a walk near my place and noticed their cute displays. I entered the store intending only to take a quick look, and ended up on a rampage, filling my wardrobe with these great autumn staples!

vintage heaven

I love acquiring new things to wear, but rarely do I get as excited about shopping as I did when I saw that all of their items were reasonably priced. There are many thrift stores in Montreal that carry carefully curated pieces, though their insane prices turned me off to thrift shopping all together and I figured that I might as well invest in new things at retail prices. After today I’m a believer of awesome vintage finds again.


Sunday, August 19, 2012
• 1:56 AM •

B is for Bold


This photo was taken back in June of this year with Pier.  I was sitting at home and being pretty useless on my computer when he asked me to come by his studio to do a shoot, just for the fun of it.  I had absolutely nothing prepared for the shoot and it was already pretty late! I decided that since I didn’t really have a mind-blowing and/or unique outfit prepared, I’d opt for classic black, but keep things interesting by going bold.  Above I’m wearing some opaque wool tights, Michael Kors studded wedge sandals, the Swarovski Montaigne Jet Necklace and a chiffon scarf that I twisted and wrapped around a strapless bra.  Pier decided to showcase my look with one very retouched photo to the left, and an almost untouched/raw black and white photo to the right (where I am not wearing the necklace). Props to a job well done on his part.

That’s one of the things I enjoy about styling – you work within your restrictions and you try to create something interesting with what you’ve got, by playing around with certain variables.  I think that trying to create something with zero constraints would make our heads explode. Imagine having all the clothes, accessories, models, sets and equipment available to you, and trying to put together the very best look you can with all of those options. One would never reach a final decision! At the very least, stylists are constrained to achieving a certain image.  I know that the more clothes I buy, the harder it is to decide what I’m going to wear because I’m always looking for the best possible outfit. I once watched a TED talk explaining how too many options make us unhappy.  The dude’s got a point.

I absolutely cannot wait for Susan and I to start styling for local boutiques! We have 2 different stores in mind at the moment and it’s going to be a lot of fun.  The challenge now is setting all of this up while working a full-time job.  Come September, I’ll be a full-time student again for one more intense year until I get my degree, which will make things even harder for this serious hobby of mine.

Montreal fashion week is coming up soon and we’re so very excited.  Have you checked out the list of designers?

– D