2012 June

Sunday, June 3, 2012
• 3:32 PM •

Stylish Toddlers (Without Tiaras)

I will eventually stop referencing TLC programming in my titles…  Maybe.

Children’s fashion has changed quite a bit from when I was a kid. My mom liked to dress me up in my sunday best practically every day (see exhibits A & B below). Now I hardly ever see little girls walking around in frou frou dresses and shiny mary-janes or boys in bow ties and button up shirts. Nowadays things tend to be more on the casual, and sometimes dowdy, side. Once in a while though, you spot a little tot wearing something that makes you wish you could still shop at the baby Gap.

Exhibit A: red dress, red socks, black and white shoes, confused look.

Exhibit B: floral one piece, white socks, black shoes, …cannot explain facial expression.

Some celeb kids have become major trend setters and i’m guilty of having followed Suri Cruise’s fashion journey since the time she used to sport her adorable short bobbed do.