2012 June

Sunday, June 10, 2012
• 10:52 PM •

Montreal Street Photography on this Fine Weekend

Yesterday I got a new camera! It’s the Olympus E-PM1.  The E-PM1 suits my lifestyle because it is so small and compact – just like me! It’s perfect for my blogging needs because I’ll be able to bring it with me everyday of the summer, which means that no one is safe – don’t be surprised if you end up on one of my blog posts (though I’ll of course remove your photo if you ask me to).

New camera_640

Special thanks to Yannick Khong of http://pyktures.tumblr.com/ for helping me choose my camera, and for giving me the courage to creep random people on the street! This before/after shot is his doing…LOL.  FYI, I was using Yannick’s camera for most (and by most, i mean ALL) of these shots because I didn’t get a chance to charge my battery!

Before and After_640


Saturday, June 9, 2012
• 3:57 AM •

Love that Look: Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Alright, it’s a tad old news, but I never expected to see Taylor Swift wearing anything other than princess-style gown and hair at award shows. So I was pleasantly surprised to see Taylor sporting this ultra sexy white cut-out gown by J.Mendel from the Fall 1012 RTW collection at the ACM Awards. Perhaps she learned a thing or two from Anna, when she was featured in Vogue back in February.

Though I gotta say, the hair and makeup is superb with this new sophisticated look. Subtle waves and straight bangs suit you, Taylor!

Lookout for the cut-out trend in the upcoming seasons!

The Look:

  1. J. Mendel White Cut-Out Gold Trim Dress, Fall 2012 RTW
  2. Christian Louboutin Summerissima Platform Shoes
  3. Lorraine Shwartz jewellery

Some Changes I would make:

  • Switch the Louboutin shoes for closed-toe/peep-toe white and gold strappy shoes or Diane Von Furstenberg’s Venus Two-tone platform sandals (see below).
  • Because the dress is  sharp, clean-cut, and a bit futuristic. I think that perhaps a plain fitted gold cuff would add a modern touch without disrupting the minimalism of this look


Taylor in J. Mendel



J Mendel white dress Fall 2012 RTW

Taylor in Lorraine Schwartz bracelets

Taylor in Louboutin Summerissima

Taylor in Louboutin Summerissima2

As much as I would love to own these Louboutin platforms, I don’t think that this was the best choice of shoes to match the dress.

Love the straps, but perhaps a closed-toe or peep-toe detail would be better suited or if the nude pink front strap was white.


I might have opted for DVF Two-tone Venus shoes:

DVF - Venus two-tone sandals

DVF - Venus two-tone sandals_back

Gold Cuffs:



Friday, June 8, 2012
• 2:42 AM •

Palm trees everywhere..Welcome to Nice!


This is day one of my two month long European adventure! I just landed in Nice, France about 1hr ago. It’s 8 am here and considering that on the plane I sat next to the loudest most obnoxious baby EVER, I should probably get some shut eye. But, I can’t because I’m too distracted by all the palm trees!! It’s absolutely beautiful here and I’ve seen nothing but 1 major street and the highway.

But in all seriousness, I can’t get to my hotel room yet because I arrived a million years before i’m able to check in, so now i’m awkwardly trying to kill some time in the computer room. The receptionist dude also just approved of my accent because it wasnt that Quebecois. Thanks?! Oh and it cost me 35 € for a 10 min taxi ride. Did I just get massively ripped off? Probably.

Until next time!