2012 June

Sunday, June 17, 2012
• 11:35 AM •

PA Gagne Photoshoot Teaser

PA teaser_640

Hey guys! Here’s a teaser for an upcoming shoot! Yesterday afternoon I met up with Pier Alexandre Gagne, a very talented photographer based in Québec.  We got to know each other and discussed creative ideas for our photo shoots.  We’re both really excited to style something sexy, unique and a with big wow factor.

Meeting again at the studio on Wednesday so I’m really pressed for time to think of how to style this one.  One thing I know is that the S.N.O.B. styling laws will still be applied, no matter how crazy things get! Not sure if the fashion personality of this shoot will be eccentric, edgy, bombshell or a combination of the three. Stay tuned…

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
• 8:26 PM •

Outfit Post: Stylish Ropy Accessories

If you`re broke this summer, then you might as well do it in style.


I got this synched cotton jersey dress at Stitches for 5 bucks.  It`s cute and comfortable, but very plain.  This outfit would be “meh” without its ropy accessories!  The necklace is the centerpiece of this ensemble because it makes a big statement, but at the same its texture and tone fit right in. It’s almost as if it’s attached to the neckline of my dress.  If one were to buy a simple dress like this that comes pre-embellished (and I don’t mean rhinestones), she’s definitely looking at a designer dress with a designer price tag! Stay creative this summer and you’ll spend less while having more originality. No compromise there!


Here’s what I’m wearing:

  • Rope-spring necklace by Aldo Accessories
  • Studded ring by BCBG (really doesn’t work with this outfit…but I had to wear it because I never get to wear it!)
  • Cuff bracelet by Delilah
  • Turquoise crystal ring by Delilah
  • Off-white double compartment purse by Derek Alexander
  • Multi-colored canvas-cork wedge sandal by Spring

I think I might be overdoing my item descriptions just a little bit.  Must be all that online shopping.




Above I’m shopping for a rocking graphic tee for that day where I look like I’m not trying hard, but in reality I tried so hard to make it look that way. 😉 Sad? Nope, just fashion!


One word about the photo above – YUCK! If you know me, then you know that this is exactly the type of style I try to stay away from.  Y’all already know I’m Asian – do i need a big pink umbrella to tell you? As I was posing to take this picture, a guy selling these umbrellas in the sidewalk sale handed one over to me to pose with.  I politely accepted but felt extremely tacky! Lol.

Thanks to Yannick Khong for these sweet shots!

Dorothy <3