2012 May

Thursday, May 31, 2012
• 10:53 PM •

Crop Tops, High-waisted Pants and Skinnies – Please don’t leave us!


I’m not going to lie – I’m a very American Apparel kind of girl.  I’m a bit ashamed to say that I have at least one AA item on a couple of times a week (As a fashion enthusiast, I should be more diverse).  I was shopping there one day and was asked by the manager to work for them because I already fit right in!

pose 1closeup




Thursday, May 31, 2012
• 2:58 AM •

Uniiverse Clothing Swap

Need a tennis partner but don’t know anyone who plays tennis? Have some equipment you would like to rent out? Want to give private yoga lessons? This is what Montreal-founded community sharing website www.uniiverse.com is all about! I like to call it Craiglist beta (if we want to get snobby about things 😉 ).

event pic

A clothing swap was hosted by Uniiverse last week in order to display the usefulness of sharing within our own communities.


I wish I could have attended – it would have been really beneficial for me! My main dilemma when it comes to clothes is that my style is constantly changing due to many influences all around me.  Believe it or not, I used to be one to wear skater shoes and hoodies everyday.  I know that those cozy hoodies could be keeping someone else warm instead of sitting in my closet! I also want something that is fresh and new to me, so certain items eventually lose their magic!


Monday, May 28, 2012
• 2:18 PM •

Outfit Post: Love for Tangerine

Finally, you all see me in pictures! It’s a bit ironic how I love fashion with all my heart, but not really into taking pictures of myself. But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love dressing up! I love finding new items of clothing to add to my wardrobe.

Thanks to my awesome cousin Dorothy for having the patience of photographing me!

Ever since Pantone has declared that the color of the year 2012 was Tangerine Tango and seeing Tangerine on Spring 2012 runways, I had a huge obsession with Tangerine or any derivation of a bright orangey-red. I love this cardigan for its comfort and for how it makes my entire outfit pop!


What I’m wearing:

  • H&M Tangerine Sweater
  • Dynamite Sleeveless Patterned Blouse & Necklace
  • Forever 21 Rhinestone Cuff
  • American Apparel High Waist Pants & Reversible Belt
  • BCBG Handbag
  • Nine West Oxford Heels
  • Michael Kors Knox Watch MK5505

Needless to say, I don’t aspire to be a model and I’m okay knowing that I’ll never be one. Not everyone is tall, leggy, skinny, with a pretty face all at once. But I believe that no matter who you are or how you look like, style should never be compromised or overlooked just because you are not 100% of what the media depicts as beautiful and sexy.

Style, like I’ve said before, is your identity fashion-wise. For my outfits, I love playing with color combinations and always having that comfort appeal.

(PS: If you need tips or personal style advice, feel free to email styletips@snobaffair.com! Or check out some styling tips like How to be a SNOB and What’s your Fashion Personality?)


I love statement jewellery. It gives a wardrobe the wow factor to shine (sometimes almost literally with all those crystals and rhinestones).



I love huge chronograph watches. Michael Kors does it so well. I look for large faces with the minute detail.

You’ve probably seen watches where there’s a dot to indicate the 12 o’clock and that’s as detailed as it gets. I don’t get that! Apparently, you would just estimate the time and you get used to it. I don’t know, maybe because I don’t want to waste time to guess the time, but I love my new MK watch. Thank you ebay for your awesome prices!

Michael Kors watch