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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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Mad Men Flashback- Welcome to the 60s!

Mad Men Flashback- Welcome to the 60s!

After an unbearably long 17 month hiatus, Mad Men is finally back to bring an end to our grief stricken television and computer screens. In addition to anticipating Don Draper’s much missed dry humour (if one can call it that), our nostalgia for 60s fashion can once again be pandered to every week for approximately 47 minute… but who’s counting?! The year on the show is now 1966. The Vietnam war reaches it’s halfway point, John Lenon claims the Beatles are bigger than Jesus, and the miniskirt introduced by Mary Quant (or André Courreges depending on the source) in 1964 is now worn by every teenage girl with a pair of legs.

Mad Men Season 5

Montreal’s own Jessica Paré performs the 1960s Gillian Hills hit ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ in a black mini dress with pleated silk chiffon sleeves and rhinestone embellishments at the neck. Paré’s fashion forward character gives viewers a glance at the soon to be hippie style of the end of the decade.


Mad Men Season 5 cast donned in plaid, flowered, and checkered prints

Mad Men Season 5

The show has me considering the entire decade though, which started off in pastel coloured boxy suits and ended with paisley prints and bellbottoms. Fashion icons included First Lady Jackie Kennedy who popularized the pillbox hat, and Twiggy who popularized malnourishment.

Jackie Kennedy wearing pillbox hat

Jackie Kennedy arrives in Paris 1961

Twiggy Babydoll dress

60s Fashion icon Jane Birkin, Vogue 1965

There are numerous versions of the story of how the Birkin bag came into existence, but the one detail that remains undebatable is that 1960s fashion icon Jane Birkin was the muse. The version i’ve decided is the right one says this- In 1981 Jean-Louis Dumas (Hermes chairman 1978-2006) sits next to Jane on a flight from Paris to London. After all the contents of Jane’s straw bag fall to the ground she complains to Dumas that she was unable to find a suitable weekend leather bag she liked. In 1984 he creates the Bikin bag. Perhaps I enjoy this version because it suggests that if I complain enough I will have something named after me.

Birkin Bag


Saturday, April 7, 2012
• 12:45 PM •

Item Spotlight: Tom Ford Cat Eye Frames (FT5189)

Item Spotlight: Tom Ford Cat Eye Frames (FT5189)

Tom Ford_Glasses Case
When you buy something designer, which shouldn’t happen very often if you’re a normal girl like me, you receive the item in a surprisingly cute package.  You’re not used to such treatment – It comes in a box, in another box in a paper bag.  A little shiny card in the case thanks you for purchasing this genuine item.  But does all this packaging add to the value of the item itself? Helllll ya.  If fashion isn’t about the packaging, then i don’t know what is.Tom Ford_Cateye Frames_FT5189
Tom Ford_Cateye_2Tom Ford_Cateye Frames_Closeup
Tom Ford_Cateye_3
I’m sitting there in my apartment wearing spectacles (pretentious, much?), completely content with my new purchase, and then this commercial by L’Oreal Paris featuring supermodel Doutzen Kroes comes on.  She owns it in those Tom Ford’s Nikita frames!

I should have seriously tried those on…oh well.

Tom Ford_Glasses Case2

Tom Ford_Cateye Frames
Refraction is cool.
Tom Ford_Cateye_1
Final exams are soon and it’s about time I get to studying! Thanks for taking an interest in my unnecessary expenditures.

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